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Landscaping – What’s Your Plan?

Spring is in the process of springing and our thoughts begin to turn toward the outdoors. Then we walk out of the house and are like, “boy I would like to change this about my yard or I would like to add that to my yard.” This may well be the opportunity for you to do that.

But you do need to do a bit of planning first. You just can’t rush to Lowe’s or Home Depot with a bundle of cash and start buying everything in sight. So let me outline a few guidelines for you.

  1. Set your goals. Develop your “wish list” of everything you “wish” to do to your landscaping. Build a portfolio with photo examples of what you want to try to achieve. Add a copy of your survey map for your home. It is important not to encroach on any property lines.
  2. What is your style? Creating an outdoor space should encompass a larger ecosystem and using native plants will support local pollinators and wildlife.
  3. Decide on professional help. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, consider the advice of a professional landscaper. They will know how to adhere to a budget, what plants to put in or remove if they are harmful. And might have some ideas you didn’t think about.
  4. Assessment. What is the current condition of your property? Walking your yard with a professional will be valuable. They account for sun, shade, location, water availability or runoff and looking at what the landscape wants to be.
  5. Plant selection. You will need to choose and group the right plants together. Outdoor spaces should be a sanctuary and attract the things you enjoy like birds, butterflies and maybe hummingbirds. A professional can introduce you to plants that might not be used traditionally or are native to your area.
  6. Master Plan. Landscaping is a total project. Even if you only do a small section at a time, you still need a complete master plan for what it will look like when you are done. This process can take a few months to finalize so be patient.

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