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The Victoria Cottle Group Serves Greenville, Spartanburg, Simpsonville, Mauldin, Traveler's Rest and other cities in the Upstate South Carolina

Why Upstate Home Sellers Need The Victoria Cottle Group

The Victoria Cottle Group knows how to get things done. Before I became a Realtor, I worked as an Army mobilization sergeant. I organized hundreds and sometimes thousands of people, along with tons of equipment, and moved them from point A to point B. After all that moving experience, I know how to analyze a situation and tell you what it will take to get the job done.

Victoria Cottle loves and understands real estate.

When I decided to become a Realtor, I never looked back. I am in real estate because I love to help people buy and sell houses. I know what it’s like to sell a house, move to another state, and try to find a new home. Making a difference in your life during such a major event is very important to me.

Victoria Cottle has a plan to sell your house.

I follow a systematic plan to market and promote each of my home listings. At the beginning of our relationship, I will thoroughly explain the process. After we list your home, I coordinate many details to make sure your home gets the attention it deserves. I will actively promote your home with a yard sign, in print, and online. I will use brochures, a lockbox, and call center to make it easy for Realtors and potential buyers to get information about your house. I follow up after other agents show your home to potential buyers, getting feedback after every showing.

Victoria Cottle communicates frequently, openly, and honestly.

There are plenty of Realtors who will over promise and under deliver. I don’t believe in playing those games. I expect people to be open and honest with me, and I will extend that same courtesy to you.

I understand that you want to know what is happening with your house. That’s why I give each home seller a bi-weekly marketing report. This report explains what I have done to market your home, and how people are receiving our marketing efforts. I also share agent feedback from each showing with you so that we can make adjustments for future showings, if necessary. To summarize, I work hard to market your home, and I communicate with you about those efforts.

Eight Steps to Selling Your Home.

When you decide to sell your home in Greenville or Upstate South Carolina, you should call Victoria Cottle first thing. Using me as your real estate agent means that you have a professional, hard-working professional on your side, advocating for you and looking out for your best interests. After you call Victoria, here are eight more steps to selling your home.

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How to price to sell and still make a profit.

The asking price you set for your home significantly affects whether you will profit in the sale, how much you will profit and how long your home will sit on the market. My knowledge of the overall market and what’s selling – or not selling – will help you determine the price. The goal is to find a price that the market will bear but won’t leave money on the table.

Here are some points to consider:

Time. Time is not on your side when it comes to real estate. Although many factors influence the outcome, perhaps time is the biggest factor in whether or not you make a profit and how much you profit. Studies show that the longer a house stays on the market, the less likely it is to sell for the original asking price. So, if your goal is to make money, think about a price that will encourage buyer activity (read: fair market value).

Value vs. Cost. Pricing your home to sell in a timely fashion requires some objectivity. It’s important that you not confuse value with cost – in other words, how much you value your home versus what buyers are willing to pay for it. Don’t place too much emphasis on home improvements when calculating your price, because buyers may not share your taste. For instance, not everyone wants hardwood floors or granite countertops.

Keep it simple. Because time is so important, make it easy for the buyers. Stay flexible on when we can schedule showings. Avoid putting contingencies on the sale. Don’t let a minor detail like move-in date could cause you to lose the sale!

Understanding the buyer.

As the seller, you control three factors that will affect the sale of your home:

  • The home’s condition
  • Asking price
  • Marketing strategy

However, it’s important to note that there are many other factors that influence a buyer, and you need to understand these factors when you decide to sell your home. When your home fits these factors, you can sell faster, and get a higher asking price. Victoria Cottle will use her knowledge of current market trends to help you decide to market your home.

Location. Unfortunately, the most influential factor in determining your home’s appeal to buyers is something you can’t control: its location. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, neighborhood quality is the number 1 reason buyers choose certain homes. The second most influential factor is commute times to work and school.

Size. While some buyers want to simplify their lives and downsize to a smaller home, home sizes in general have continued to increase over the decades, nearly doubling in size since the 1950s. Smaller homes typically appeal to first-time home buyers and “empty nesters,” or couples whose children have grown up and moved out.

Amenities. Preferences in floor plans and amenities go in and out of fashion, and I can explain the “hot ticket” items that are currently selling homes in the Greenville area. If your home lacks certain features, you can renovate to increase appeal, but be forewarned: that’s not always the right move. By observing market conditions and activity in your neighborhood, I will help you determine whether renovation is likely to help or hinder your profit margin and time on the market.

Practicing good seller’s etiquette.

Let’s face it: When you decide to sell your home, you end up interacting with all kinds of people. Sometimes those people include unknown vendors and naïve or unqualified buyers. You may find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, or feel like someone is pressuring you to make a decision without sufficient information.

When you find yourself in a sticky situation, you understand why having a real estate agent is so important. That’s part of the value that I bring to my clients who are selling homes in Greenville, SC and the Upstate.

I’m always available to help in every interaction as you are selling your home. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for some potentially sticky situations:

The aggressive agent. When we put your house on the market, the promotional materials will state clearly buyers and buyers’ agents should contact me so that I can represent your best interests. However, sometimes a buyer’s agent will contact a seller directly to try to either win over their business or cut the seller’s agent out of the deal. This is not reputable behavior and you should contact me immediately if it happens to you.

The unscrupulous vendor. Have you ever started a business or moved into a new house and suddenly found your mailbox full of junk mail? Unfortunately, this also can happen when you put your house on the market. Selling your home involves all kinds of new purchasing decisions and less-than-ethical vendors are keenly aware of this. Though MLS organizations enforce rules on how posted information is used, some companies have found ways to cull information from various sources to produce mass mailing lists. If you find yourself regularly emptying your mailbox of junk, let me know. I will advocate for you to prompt an investigation into the matter. The last thing you need to deal with is more junk mail!

The naïve buyer. Yard signs, internet listings and other advertisements will generate a lot of buzz for your home. Some prospective buyers – particularly first-timers – will be so excited about your home that they’ll simply drop by. If this happens, no matter how nice these unexpected visitors are, it’s best not to discuss your home or give an impromptu tour. Instead, politely let them know that your real estate agent is in charge of scheduling tours and ask them to contact Victoria Cottle to schedule a tour. If you attempt to handle these surprise visits on your own, you might accidentally share information that could hurt you during later negotiations.

Remember that when you choose The Victoria Cottle Group as your real estate team, we work for you, representing your best interests. Feel free to call me whenever something unusual happens or you aren’t sure how to handle a situation related to your home.

Increasing your home’s appeal.

Remember the 60-second rule: You have just 60 seconds to create a winning first impression. Below are some simple tips to maximize your home’s appeal.


  • Keep the grass cut and remove all yard clutter.
  • Weed and apply fresh mulch to flower beds.
  • Apply fresh paint to wooden fences.
  • Tighten and clean all door handles.
  • Clean windows inside and out.
  • Powerwash home’s exterior.
  • Ensure all gutters and downspouts are firmly attached and functioning.
  • Paint the front door.
  • Buy a new welcome mat.
  • Place potted flowers near the front door.


  • Evaluate the furniture in each room and remove anything that interrupts “the flow” or makes the room appear smaller. Consider renting a storage unit to move items off-site.
  • Clean and organize cabinets, closets and bookshelves.
  • Clean all light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  • Shampoo carpets.
  • Remove excessive wall hangings and knick-knacks.
  • Repair all plumbing leaks, including faucets and drain traps.
  • Make minor repairs (torn screens, sticking doors, cracked caulking).
  • Clean or paint walls and ceilings.
  • Replace worn cabinet and door knobs.
  • Fix or replace discolored grout.
  • Replace broken tiles.
  • Replace worn countertops.

Special details for showings

  • Turn on all the lights.
  • Open all drapes and shutters in the daytime.
  • Keep pets secured outdoors.
  • Buy new towels for bathrooms.
  • Buy new bedding for bedrooms.
  • Replace old lamps or lampshades.
  • Play quiet background music.
  • Light the fireplace or clean out the ashes and light a candle.
  • Infuse home with a comforting scent, such as apple spice or vanilla.
  • Set the dining room table for a fancy dinner party.
  • Leave your home for the showing.
Ten questions to ask about selling a house.

Of course, if you live in Greenville or Upstate South Carolina, you already know that you want The Victoria Cottle Group to sell your home. However, if you need help finding a great real estate agent in another area of the country, here are some questions to ask.

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