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Just The Facts About Candles

Earlier today, I had posted information on how candles used to be used as alarm clocks on my social media (scroll down a little to see the info on that post). And then, I got to thinking. Victoria – why not do a little more research on how candles have been used in homes throughout the centuries?

And then, I came across information on candles in windows. Personally, I really only thought that they were used in windows during Christmas time – but I stand corrected! Candles have actually been used in windows since Colonial times (think Paul Revere). So, here is some information I found on how candles have been used in windows over the centuries, and the significance.

  1. To direct a beacon home. Especially during Colonial times, a candle was placed in the front window of a home so a family member would find their way home safely after dark. Remember, there was no electricity during these times (not even street lights).
  2. To welcome travelers. Many homes were significantly distanced apart – sometimes by miles! A candle was a welcome sight to anyone who was traveling – it met anyone could stop in, have a meal, chat or simply have a warm place to sleep.
  3. To “light the way for soldiers”. During the Revolutionary War, whenever a soldier would go to war, his family which was left behind would light a candle every night he was gone. In retrospect, for those soldiers who never came home, many families continued that tradition of lighting the candle in the window each night in remembrance of the soldier who would never return.

Of course, candles have been used since Colonial times to represent Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hannukah and probably some other religious holidays.

Oh, and if you need a home that would look great decorated with candles, I bet we can find one together!

Even a little more info on candles

I had posted this little tidbit of info on my social media earlier, but wanted to share it in other channels ????

Before alarm clocks existed, people used nails attached to candles to ensure they would wake up on time. They knew how to calculate the burning time and put the nail in the right place.

When the candle melted, the nail fell, made noise and woke up its owner.

Not really a good idea to have a burning candle while you’re sleeping – but I really thought this was quite interesting! Much better than having to wake up to that annoying “beeeeeeeepppppp beeeeeeeeeeppppppp” ????

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