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What Does Your Front Door Say About You?

This is something I would almost guarantee you’ve never thought about before – your front door speaks mountains about your individual tastes. Are you classy, funky, patriotic? All of those things can actually be noticed, just by the color of your front door.

Think about it – if your front door is yellow, it probably really stands out in your neighborhood. It would also be incredibly simple to give directions (we’re the brick house with the yellow front door). However, if you’re front door is white (which most are), it blends in with the crowd.

Personally, I love seeing a colorful front door. It adds that special character to a home, a unique curb appeal, and makes it stand out amongst other homes in the neighborhood.

So, without further ado, here are the more common colors of front doors, and what that color might reveal about you and your family. Is it a correct match?

Violet – sophistication. You expect a “royalty” type of attention

Orange – you are one of a kind!

White – clean, simplistic

Yellow – extrovert, optimistic

Blue – calm, easy to talk to, trustworthy

Green – serene and peaceful

Black – formal, glamorous – this color can also mean a sense of security

Unpainted wood – rustic, natural, cozy and welcoming

Red (the most common color!) – vibrant, action-packed

Brown – practical, not a risk taker

Not really sure which direction to head in when changing the color on your front door? Try going with a lighter paint shade, which would be warmer than a black or wood door.

 It will give your home a softer, warmer appeal.

Real Estate News

Home prices are going up, though at a slower pace than what we saw last year. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) predicts nationally the annual median price of a home will increase by 8% this year.

Interest rates are staying low. Economists predict the average annual 30-year fixed mortgage rate will hover around 3.0% in 2021.

The demand for home-buying is staying high. It’s expected to be particularly strong this spring + summer, and to slow down in the colder months.

As resale inventory remains slim, many buyers are looking toward new construction homes, a booming segment of Greenville’s real estate market that offers a wide range of price points, products + locations.

Local Greenville SC News

I found this little tidbit of info on Homelight, and thought it was really neat to share! Clemson is moving forward with autonomous vehicle research, while partnering with the US Army. What does that mean? Self-driving tanks! Officials at Clemson are believing that this will lead to the economy and housing market of Greenville increasing. I personally think I’ll keep my eye on this one more. Pretty interesting!

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