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Reopening Continues in Greenville SC

reopening continues in greenville sc

Greenville County parks and playgrounds are open once again and on May 31st the athletic fields can reopen for youth sports practices and picnic shelters and building rentals can resume. Rentals will be limited to 50 people in a single room or confined indoor space.

On June 15th water parks and day camps will be reopened. Greenville County libraries will open on June 1st for curbside pickup on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 10 am -1 pm and 3-6 pm at the Hughes Main Library in downtown Greenville.

What does post-COVID-19 look like?

A question on everyone’s mind. There will be no back to “normal.” One thing that has been proven is that there will be a new “normal.” If you think back to before this all fell apart, think of the question, “were we heading this way, to begin with” and because of COVID-19 it just got fast-forwarded?

Deaths due to viruses like the flu have always been high especially for those who are elderly and/or immune-compromised. Did COVID-19 just highlight the fact that society needed to change the way we have been doing things so we could better protect everyone?

Restaurants and businesses will adapt. They must or perish. Customers will need to stay patient as there will be restrictions on dining, entertainment, and shopping that were not there before. Initially, there will be limited options. Moving into this new post-COVID-19 landscape we will probably see that people are more comfortable with take-out or delivery. People have started to see their homes in a different light, as a sanctuary of safety. I envision seeing fewer crowds after the initial openings when people realize they just do not need to be out.

Some restaurants adapted by offering family meal packs that you can take home. A really good idea and something that grocery stores have been doing for a while. Indoor dining is just going to look different going forward. Expect to see marketing all over for “to go” and curbside and carry-out even more than there has been already. Restaurants that are losing floor space will need to make it up somehow.

This may also force people into thinking about where their food is coming from, what quality they are getting, and supporting their local economy. There are lots of local farms out there that could use your help.

This may also be happening with shopping chains. Look for more to introduce online options or virtual shopping alternatives instead of having tons of customers inside a brick and mortar store. It was coming but has been rushed up.

What does your post-COVID-19 life look like? What will you change?

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