Victoria Cottle

Victoria Cottle

Is Universal Design Right for You?

universal design door handles
Universal Design Door Handle

What is Universal Design? This is an updated concept of adding specific touches to a home that make the home safer and more practical for all living in the home, especially people with limited mobility and the elderly. Today’s designers and architects are adding universal design to new homes as a standard. Here are some areas where you can upgrade to Universal Design in your home.

  1. Switch out your standard round door knobs for lever-style handles. Round door knobs require twisting, dexterity and hand torque to open. With a lever it is simply down ward pressure and it opens. This makes it a quick and easy exit in an emergency for children as well as people with hand issues like arthritis.
  2. Replace those old fashioned toggle switches for your lights with updated rocker-style switches. The larger switch plate on the rocker switch allows you to turn it on or off using your finger, your knuckles or even an elbow or other body parts when hands are full. There is not grabbing needed. Simply press and go. Another option is an occupancy light switch. Easy to install in place of existing switches and it automatically turns lights on and off in your rooms when you enter or leave.
  3. Install anti-scald devices in your bathroom. These devices prevent water from reaching burning temperatures. Examples include a shower head and bathroom faucet. Each reduces water flow to a trickle if the water gets too hot. You can also have your plumber install anti-scald valves in your pipes. These prevent water pressure changes so you don’t get sudden bursts of hot or even cold water.
  4. Motion sensor devices for lights are another option. These are separate small plug-in devices that plug into a wall outlet. You then plug your lamp etc into them. Upon sensing motion they will turn on the lights and then turn them off again after about 10 minutes without motion.

Adding Universal Design to your home makes the home more attractive to potential buyers as well as easier and safer on you. You can even buy Universal Design toilet handles. Upgrade a bit at a time as you have the budget to reap future rewards if you sell or if you stay in the home and retire.

And speaking of design, this week we look at Postcard from Paris located in downtown Greenville. Postcard from Paris is a full-service interior design firm and a home furnishings boutique. They have a talented team of designers that can work with you on your interior design providing unique styling. They have also worked with developers and builders. Drop by their store today and let us know what you thought below.

postcard from paris greenville sc
Postcard from Paris GreenvilleSC

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