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Houseplants can brighten your mood – and home!

All of us are feeling a little bleh – the weather, the virus, simply just the cooler season. It’s easy to feel down at this time of year. One thing that can boost your spirit at least a little bit is bringing some houseplants into your home.

Indoor plants are very beneficial. They not only provide beauty, but they also are a health benefit as they filter the air in your home. Now, I’m absolutely not saying to fill your entire home with plants from floor to ceiling (that would be a tripping hazard!). But, increasing the plants in your home not only add that extra oxygen boost but also add a gorgeous look in just about every room in your home.

So, here are some ideas of how you can add some plants to your home. Let’s start with your kitchen. Create a little “potted garden” on a windowsill in your kitchen, planting some of your favorite herbs. The smell will be fantastic, and the look will be a gorgeous accent!

In your living room, have a taller plant like a palm tree. They love moderately lit spaces, and look beautiful as they accent that dreary corner.

Your bedroom can even have some greenery. Look for an ivy plant, or a lower light plant, if you tend to not have much daylight coming in your bedroom windows. Succulents can do very well in this space too!

Don’t forget your bathroom! Look for plants that can tolerate that higher moisture level. Just as a hint, begonias do extremely well in a bathroom! And they look stunning!

With these absolutely weird times, don’t forget to have that little boost into your home office. There are many plants you can have in that special space. Check out the African violet or the snake plant.

What plants are you planning on bringing into your home?

Real Estate News

Ever wondered if you have an excellent real estate agent? Here are six signs:
1. Great communication
2. You enjoy being around them
3. They actually WANT to build a relationship with you
4. They know everything there is to know about real estate, including home warranties”
5. They’re never afraid of being honest
6. They don’t allow setbacks to get them down

Local Greenville SC News

There might be a new entertainment district coming to Northern Greenville! This is in the very early planning stages, but if approved, it will be at Fluor Field. It’s going to simulate Fenway Park in Boston, including places to hang out, food, entertainment stages and more. I’ll keep my eye out on more details for this exciting news! And I bet you will too!

People are on the move and I am ready to help you buy or sell in the Greenville area. Please contact Victoria Cottle by email or call (864) 275-3953 for your real estate needs in the Upstate of South Carolina!

Victoria Cottle is a Realtor® in the Greenville South Carolina area and if you, a friend, or a family member need assistance with selling or buying a home I can help. Referrals and people needing relocation assistance are welcome! Search Single Family homes in Greenville. Search Condos and Townhomes in Greenville.

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