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How to Choose a Paint Color you can Live With

So many of us head to the paint store and stand there for hours staring at the paint cards just wondering which of the colors would be perfect for our next project. So, we pick a color, get a gallon, head home and hate it. Here are some tips to help you not make that mistake again.

  1. Don’t buy paint on the spot. It is important to start with a wide palette of options. At the paint store don’t worry about choosing the best possible color while you are there. Pick a card you like and then pick two on either side. Choosing subtle colors is a lot harder than picking bold or saturated ones. The more subdued the tones in the paint, the harder they are to see on the card. Take the cards home and relook at them in the light you have at home. This may totally change you first choice.
  2. Bring your own swatch. When you go to the paint store, don’t go empty-handed. Bring with you a piece of artwork or a favorite fabric as your inspiration. Or a white sheet of paper to help you see the colors better. Using something pure white or pure black up against the color cards will give you a better look at the hues on the cards.
  3. Try some space experiments. Now that you have a whole handful of color cards, tape them to the wall in the rooms where you will put the colors and view them at the time of day when you will be in the room. Don’t put them too close together, you don’t want them to compete. But give them a go and see what happens.
  4. Go big and go home. Sometimes the size of the color card is the limited factor in helping you picture how the whole wall will look in that color. Some designers will do what they call “paint strike” where they will strike a color on the wall in a swath to get a feel for it. If you don’t want stripes on your walls for a time, then you can order larger “memo” swatches from paint companies. These will cost you from $10 to $15 per but maybe cheaper than painting a whole room several times.
  5. Take your time. For some people, painting and repainting is not a big deal but to others it is a big production. If this is you, take the time to absorb the color you have picked and check it out next to other colors to make sure you are getting the shade you want. Make sure you are not just going with a fad and that it is truly a fav color.
  6. Make a commitment. Once you pick a color make a commitment to it. Paint looks different once it has been applied properly in all the coats. Try not to judge it until the next day and give yourself time to adjust to it. Darker shades will tend to shrink your space where a lighter color will open it up. It may take some time to get used to it.
  7. Get a second opinion. If you are still worried that you won’t be able to live with the choice you made, hire a design professional to come in for a color consultation. They usually come over with a ton of paint-swatch decks in every color you can think of. You could also choose a time-tested signature color of one of your fav designers. If you use one of their favs you can be assured it will look good in many different spaces.
  8. Don’t think about it. Sometimes it can be good to take a break from picking colors and just come back to it a few days later once you have cleared your head. It will once again become fresh. If you love a color then you will still love it when you get back.

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