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Does History Repeat Itself?

Your answer to this question may be that we should learn from history or we are doomed to repeat it but what if it is in home building. What if we could take some of the best ideas of homes from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and incorporate them into a reconstruction or new construction project? Would you do it?

In the photo of this reconstruction, we see a remembrance or a celebration of the 1970’s particularly with the butterfly roofline. This home was built atop a mountain vista, so the roofline was chosen to add protection from the sun but also increase living area by creating an outside living room on one end of the home. Modern additions would be the mechanical sliding doors which open up the inside living room to the outside without hindering the view. Large sliding doors were also used in the master bedroom but are not completely hidden when open.

Other retro home designs that seem to be making their way back is the block style with banks of windows along the side. Or the A-line home with glass sides from the top of the first-floor ceiling all the way up to the A-line roofline. It seems there is a resurgence in home design to open up the walls and let the outside shine in as well as the desire to live in the outdoors. I looked through some “new” home designs recently and the open covered porch is making a strong comeback among designers. Remember when your grandma would have a “garden” party?

does history repeat itself - retro lights
Courtesy of Lowe’s website

I am all for adding these open home elements and letting in the view or sun or fresh air. What better way to entertain than to be able to bring your guests to your outside entertainment space and get them out of an enclosed home. Another hot design element is the open bulb string lights for your patio spaces. You can find these at most home improvement stores. They bring back a bit of nostalgia while providing adequate light for your party. What a conversation starter!

Other retro ideas that are coming back is Pergolas and chaise lounge chairs. Often associated with the rich and famous from the past, these elements are now adding a retro touch to your secret garden areas and back yards. Sam’s Club even offers their version of the Pergola for around $1,000 dollars with a bench and a bar. Multi-purpose!

So, it’s kind of funny about how what goes around, comes back around but with modern mechanics so that we get the look but not the headaches from the past.

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