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Greenville SC Restaurants Have the Technology

King Tut Grill Greenville SC

Today’s fine dining experiences are changing. Some of the newer restaurants in Greenville SC have instituted updated technology to fill the gap of not being able to find and hire staff.

At the local King Tut Grill, you are greeted with a kiosk upon entering where you order and buy all your food and beverages. This type of kiosk ordering has streamlined and driven up the efficiency with which food is prepared and served. The food is brought to your table by a runner but there is no wait staff circulating to fill your empty glass. King Tut features steak and BBQ and 32 beer taps. Get an 8-oz NY strip steak, baked potato, salad and roll for $16.95.

At another newer restaurant, HabiTap, it is basic counter service with no real servers. Customers will enter and order their food at the counter, have a seat and a runner will bring it to the table. A dining room person will check on tables and keep it cleaned up but there are no classic servers. HabiTap considers itself a fast and casual approach to modern taphouse. It presents made from scratch food with an extensive menu of draft craft beer and hand selected wines.

HabiTap Greenville SC
Both of the above restaurants are also serving up what is a growing trend in the world of beer today. Customers are focusing more of their efforts in discovering “craft” beers than sticking to the older major distributors. The younger generation is not afraid to experience the uniqueness of the craft beer revolution.

Will this be the death of fine dining? Probably not, but it will cost you more for full service. With the unemployment rate down to 3.6 percent per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is getting harder to find people to staff a full restaurant. By using technology, restaurants can staff with less experience high school aged students who need that initial work experience. Thus, keeping their overhead a bit lower while still providing you with great food from their fully staffed chef-run kitchens.

This new concept has been dubbed, “fast casual.” It gives those people who only have a short time to eat, a better solution than always grabbing a burger at the local fast-food joint. Times are changing and with it, businesses need to keep up or get lost in the closures.

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