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Would You Rather – Real Estate Style!

I’m sure – almost positive honestly – that at some point in your life, you’ve played “Would You  Rather”. You know, that game as your driving in your car on a long trip (or even a short trip), and your kids are asking “Would you rather eat bananas for the rest of your life or become a banana?”.

So, since we’re all adults – I guess we should have a “Would You Rather” in a real estate sense – don’t you think? Besides, from a realtor’s point of view, it would help most of us, if not all of us, immensly if we had some help from “would you rather” types of questions. Matter of fact, we might even add some of these to our usual questions that we send to potential buyers ?

So, without further adeu, I’d love to have your feedback on some “Would You Rather” questions in regards to your real estate dreams when you’re buying a home!

  1. Would you rather have a kitchen island, or a walk-in pantry?
  2. Would you rather have an eat-in dining room, or a breakfast nook?
  3. In your bedroom, would you rather have a fireplace or a balcony?
  4. In your kids’ bedroom(s), would you rather have an absolutely epic play space, or room for extra bunk beds?
  5. Would you rather have a wine cellar or a walk-in closet?
  6. Would you rather have a gorgeous landscaped yard, or a beautiful pool?

If you’re thinking of buying a home in Greenville or our surrounding areas, feel free to answer my “would you rather” questions and send them over! We’ll find your dream home – together! Sellers – don’t forget to contact me in regards to selling your home too! My email is thevictoriacottlegroup@gmail.com, and my direct phone is (864) 275-3953.

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Tips For Selling Your Home In 2021

1. Hire a real estate agent

2. Get a pre-sale home inspection

3. Avoid costly renovations beyond needed repairs

4. Set a selling timeline

5. Price your home right

6. Declutter and prep your home to go on the market

7. Market your home with virtual tours, professional photos

8. Make a plan for handling showings

9. Evaluate and negotiate offers

10. Tally up your seller closing costs

11. Close on your home sale

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It’s getting warmer – finally – and that means we’re all going to start getting outside more. When was the last time you enjoyed the falls? If you can’t think back that far, then you should take some time and head to one of our falls for some beautiful sights. Raven Cliff Falls are right in Caesars Head State Park, and were named for the ravens that breed in the cliffs. It’s the tallest waterfall in SC, and you can choose from two different trails to view them – Raven Cliff Falls Trail which is about 4 miles round trip, and Dismal Trail Loop which is about 6.5 miles round trip. Both will give you a great workout, you’ll have the opportunity to take in nature, and the reward at the end will take your breath away!

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