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Will Food Delivery Services Put Restaurants Out of Business?

Will Food Delivery Services Put Restaurants Out of Business?

There has been a wave of Internet-based businesses that are trying to get you to subscribe so they can deliver food to your door.

Walmart already saw this coming when they started advertising their shop online and stop by for pickup service. But other places like homechef.com, blue apron.com, HelloFresh.com, sunbasket.com, and many others are now flooding your social media with subscribe and get it delivered to your door.

They talk about worry-free dinners where you just pick out the meals and they send the instructions and food right to you. Kind of reminds me of the food fabricators from the original Star Trek series. Make a choice, push a button and out comes protein formed food looking like the original.

Now, some restaurants are fighting back. They are joining the likes of Uber Eats and GrubHub and sending you their food to your door without the expense of hiring drivers. Makes one think if the pizza delivery places will eventually go this route. The benefit of Uber Eats and GrubHub is that you get a wider variety of food that can be delivered than just pizza. Next, we will see Amazon’s drones dropping off food!

I did a quick search and GrubHub is a choice for delivery in Greenville SC. You can get things like tacos, sushi, burgers, cafeteria food, deli food, Asian, subs, KFC®, Red Lobster®, pizza, and various other restaurants around Greenville SC. Just go to their site and put in your address and you can see what is available for delivery around you.

The company itself is very tech-driven providing a laid-back style of working that the younger workforce is getting more accustomed to working in. Work for a bit, go play a game, return to work, have lunch, return to work, play another game and then leave for the day.

But, will food delivery services put restaurants out of business? I guess that is up to you, the consumer. If you are content with staying home and ordering in all the time, then the answer may be a resounding yes. I believe baby boomers are more apt to hit a restaurant for a night out whereas gen-Xers and millennials are more likely to drink and snack on their night on the town. Only time will tell!

I also came across an article that says Greenville County is the 5th healthiest county in South Carolina. They dropped from 4th but it may be due to a data source change and not the fact that they are not healthy. Pickens County improved from 10th place to 9th place. Anderson County stayed the same at 15th.

So, it seems if the data sources keep changing it is almost impossible to compare year over year. Other improving items of interest are Greenville County’s HS graduation rate increased from 84 to 87 percent, violent crime dropped from 590 to 533 and DUI’s and DWI’s lowered from 37 to 35 percent.

In Anderson County, HS graduation rates went from 84 to 88 percent, violent crime increased from 585 to 600 and DUI’s and DWI’s rose from 31 to 34 percent.

Now there are a lot of other factors that go into this report and you can see the full report here: www.countyhealthrankings.org.

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