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Timing Your Purchases

timing your purchases

What, we just had Christmas and we are already talking about shopping again? Well, there are certain times of the year when it is a bargain to shop for home furnishings, appliances, mattresses, tools and other materials. Here are some guidelines.

  • Furniture: January and July. Manufacturers introduce their new inventory in February and August so your best time to shop is January and July. Retailer are making way for the new styles by having specials to clear out existing inventory. Floor samples will often be your best bet so go ahead and ask about them.
  • Storage Essentials: January and August. Retailers slash prices and offer free shipping on storage bins, baskets, shelving and organizing systems. Once in January to help you organize your Christmas gifts and keep your resolutions and again in August to sell to parents sending their graduates to college.
  • Linens and Towels: January. Started in 1878, department store “white sales” are the perfect time to renew your bedding or linen closet. Most high-quality linens will be on sale and prices smashed to move them out. If something is not available, ask about a rain check.
  • Major Appliances: January, September, October and Holidays. Once an appliance becomes last years model, the price drops drastically except refrigerators. You can buy last year’s models in September, October and January for less when stores are making room for newer models. If you want a current model, shop on black Friday or any major holiday. If you have more than one appliance to replace, holiday shopping will get you better incentives for buying multiple items.
  • Mattresses: February and May. Best times are President’s day sales and Memorial Day sales. Department stores will offer coupons and specialty chains will offer 50 percent or more off. Don’t worry about price shopping. Different manufacturers will provide discounts based on models across the board. You would be better looking for a retailer having an inventory blow-out and negotiating from there.
  • Refrigerators: May. New units come out in May, hence Memorial Day sales are the best time for fridge shopping. Most retailers will offer savings all month long, so they are overwhelmed on that weekend. Check your local ads.
  • Roofing: May. This month will give you the best price on materials. If you are paying a professional, try for a wintertime installation since prices will rise on April 1.
  • Power Tools: June and December.
  • Paint: January, May, July, November and December. As temperature drops so does the price.
  • HVAC Equipment: March, April, October and November. Best time to buy is when you don’t need a new one. Months with moderate temperatures are when you will find the lowest prices. Installers may even run promotions during these months just to pick up business. You might even negotiate better prices for free upgrades.
  • Flooring: December and January. Mid-December through January reflects a decline in most home improvement projects due to the holidays. But flooring retailers and installers want your business. Use this slow time to negotiate better prices and get a good rate on your new flooring.

Hope these guidelines help you save some money in 2019 because who doesn’t want to save money. If one of your resolutions was to budget better, then using the months above could just help you get something for your home snuck into your budget a bit faster. Happy New Year!

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