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The Future is Upon Us, Functional Smart Products

In August, we talked about some 2020 trends
for kitchens, baths, and living rooms. Today, we are going to explore some new
technology out there that will make your home more functional.

  • Video doorbell.
    These WiFi-enabled doorbells will let you communicate, view and hear whoever is
    at your door using your smartphone even if you are not home. When someone comes
    near or rings the doorbell, it alerts your phone and turns on the camera. You
    can give instructions to a delivery guy whether you are home or long distance.
    They can also catch thieves or even nature activity like animals walking through
    the yard. They are inexpensive, about $200 and you can install it yourself with
    a few basic tools.
  • Smart door locks.
    Who uses keys anymore? You might say “I do.” But with a smart lock you can lock
    and unlock your door with your smartphone or voice. You can send a digital key
    to a friend, dog sitter or delivery guy and give them temporary access. Better
    than leaving a key under the mat. And if you think you forgot to lock the door,
    pull out your phone and check. If you have your arms full, you can tell the
    lock to open.
  • Home generators.
    Power outages are becoming common place in the last few years, so people are
    looking to generators. Generators got an upgrade. The newer ones are built into
    your home like an HVAC unit and run on propane or natural gas. No smelly fumes
    or refueling required. They come on automatically when you lose power and you
    can operate them with a smartphone.
  • Smart mirror.
    Kohler has put out a mirror that will tell you the weather, give you traffic updates
    and play podcasts. It is called Verdera Voice Lighted Smart Mirror and is
    Alexa-enabled. It can also turn on the lights when you step in front of it.
    Nifty! There are other prototypes out there but that will give you information
    on your wardrobe, health and skin care but they are not available yet.
  • Indoor gardens.
    Edible gardens are heading indoors. Millennials are already growing herbs indoors,
    but the gardening industry predicts that the number of people growing plants
    will increase about 25 percent by 2021. Permanent setups like a built-in
    planter room divider or a whole wall hydroponic vertical garden with PVC
    panels. Add smart grow lights and your all set.
  • Smart blinds.
    These have been around for a little bit, but they are going to become a bit more
    prominent as we move more into automation. You can install WiFi enabled blinds
    that you can control with your phone or voice. You can even hook them up to
    Alexa or Siri. Open and close during the day to control heating and cooling, or
    when you need extra light for reading or even as a security measure.

In case you haven’t guessed it, the future is
coming at us at an alarming rate. And since we have been spending more time in
our homes with the pandemic, it just seems natural to make that home more comfortable
and convenient.

Estate News

Remote learning is sweeping the nation
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kids to learn in are high on buyer wish lists. Buyers are looking for
multipurpose rooms, reading spaces, dedicated study areas and places for
learning materials.

The latest unemployment rate fell to
8.4% which was a big surprise to many analysts. Americans are going back to
work as we struggle to put this pandemic behind us.

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