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Take Advantage of Small Home Upgrades

Whether you live in a small home or just need to upgrade some parts of your larger home, you can use these ideas to get more ‘space’ out of your space.

  • Overhead Lighting. Instead of lighting up the whole room think about doing task oriented lighting. When you break a room up with light it adds function and charm. A cozy spot to read, ambient lighting for tv watching, etc.
  • Color Palette. It might be tempting to make each room a different color but you may end up with a whole bunch of crazy whether your home is small or large. So pick a color palette and stick with it. Add some accent colors here or there but use the same standard palette throughout.
  • Shower Doors. Think about opening up your bathroom by adding glass siding panels but not just any panels. Look for semi-frameless or partial glass for tubs. They are easy to clean and you don’t have to knock down any walls.
  • Overflowing Rooms. One way to open up your rooms is to think about the furniture you put in them. Overstuffed and overflowing furniture is a thing of the past. Time to think minimalist and streamlined but also functional and cozy.
  • Chase out the Dark. In really large homes, dark kitchen cabinets can be a focal point drawing your eye into the kitchen. But if you want to open up the space think white or light colors. Dark can be used as an accent color for a bit of pop. Feng Shui is a serious concept to get behind. Earthy pastels which calm would be good for opening up the kitchen. Keep the slightly darker colors for larger one.

The end of summer is coming and before being shut-in all winter consider some of the ideas above to help you get a feeling of more space even if you can’t add-on a room or just don’t want to. Small or tiny houses are becoming the rage with millennials. As they begin to move back into urban areas and smaller homes/apartments, some of these ideas will expand their horizons. But they are good ideas for any size home also.

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