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Room Color Psychology – Yes It Really Does Exist!

If you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw my post a few days ago, prepping you if you will that a blog will soon be made available on choosing that perfect room color. Well, here we are! And yes, there really is a “science” behind choosing that perfect room color and how your room color can affect your mood. You may not really think about your room color (let’s face it, you look at it every day), but it’s affecting you every day.

So, let’s dig deeper together. A room color can affect your mood, your thoughts, your feelings, and even impact other people. They may not realize it, but it may affect their moods and feelings as well. If it doesn’t affect their mood per se, it more than likely will greatly grab their attention.

Think about these two things when you’re considering painting a room:
1. What mood do you want to create in that room?

2. What colors match that mood?

Chances are, you really aren’t too positive which colors may capture a mood, and that’s ok! That’s why I’m here! Check out this chart. It gives some really good ideas I think on how to choose the right color, for the right room, and provide the moods you may be looking for.

If your next step is finding a home so you can paint those walls, let’s talk about that! I’m always ready to help in any way I can!

Real Estate News

10 Things You May Not Know About Greenville
1. Greenville is not actually named for it’s rolling green lush land! It’s actually named after Nathaniel Greene, a Revolutionary War hero. Greenville was called Pleasantburg until 1831, and you’ll still see the old name used for streets and businesses, so keep your eyes open for that glimpse of the past.
2. Greenville is located in what was originally Cherokee land.
3. Greenville began in 1768 as a grist mill and trading post as the foot of Reedy River Falls. So when you’re relaxing in the grass in Falls Park right off of Main Street, you’re actually sitting where the whole city began.
4. It seems amazing in retrospect, but the stunning 28-foot-tall Reedy River Falls, the jewel of downtown and centerpiece of gorgeous Falls Park, was once almost completely hidden underneath the Camperdown Bridge, a huge concrete highway overpass built in 1960. The bridge began to be taken down in 2001, and the beauty of the falls was visible for everyone once again.
5. Even though it’s in hot and steamy South Carolina, Greenville averages 5 inches of snow each winter.
6. Greenville’s Mice on Main has been delighting visitors-children and adults alike-since 2000. But did you know that the whole idea for the whimsical and wildly popular public art installation/scavenger hunt, in which tiny bronze mice hide up and down Main Street, came from a teenage boy? Jim Ryan was a senior in high school when he developed the idea and raised money to make it a reality.
7. Greenville is the hometown of one of the saddest and most enduring of baseball mysteries: Shoeless Joe Jackson. Was one of the greatest baseball players in all of history really involved in the greatest scandals in baseball history, the 1919 Chicago Blacksox cheating ring? Shoeless Joe Jackson’s Greenville home has been turned into a museum exploring that very question. Greenville’s minor league team originally wanted to call themselves the Joes, after Jackson, but MLB refused, because Jackson is still banned from the sport.
8. There’s a Green Monster in Greenville. No, not the supernatural kind, though. The baseball kind. The Greenville Drive is a Red Sox affiliate and their home stadium, Fluor Field, is a mini-Fenway, right down to the big green wall in the outfield.
9. The Children’s Museum of the Upstate is the only children’s museum in the US that is a Smithsonian affiliate, an incredible honor and opportunity for this fantastic museum.
10. The Children’s Museum isn’t the only amazing museum in Greenville. Greenville County Museum of Art holds the largest public collection of watercolors by famed American artist Andrew Wyeth.

Local Greenville SC News
Check this out everyone! Forbes Magazine has announced that the Village of West Greenville is “the neighborhood to watch” and is the “SOHO of Greenville”! How cool is that!! Check out the article!

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