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Remodel or Not to Remodel…Did you make these mistakes?

remodel or not to remodel...did you make these mistakes?
Doing a remodel in any part of your home is a difficult
task. It doesn’t matter how well you planned it out something is going to go
wrong. Like they say; “You don’t know what you don’t know.” So here is a quick
list of some time-exhausting mistakes others have made so you don’t make them
Creating a
design before setting a budget
. This would be like designing your dream
kitchen and then realizing you can only afford the sink and stove. Always nail
down your budget before you start designing so you will know where you need to
cut costs and be open to less expensive options.
Make a decision
and stick to it
. Once you have your design done consider it molded in stone
and stick with it. If you start looking at design ideas and the influx of
information gets to be too much, indecision can rein, which in turn can cost
you more money and push you out of your budget.
Expecting your
contractors to work before the materials arrive
. A good rule of thumb would
be to make sure all materials have been ordered and you know the delivery dates
before you start scheduling workers to come into your home. Schedule demolition
days (if needed) just before material delivery dates so it lessens your
inconvenience and keeps work flowing. Work with your contractors to make the work
flow as smooth as possible and as short as possible.
. Don’t get caught on demolition day trying to clear out your
cabinets or rooms where work is to begin. Move items ahead of time so you will
know where things are located in case you need to use them. Keep all manuals
and important docs for new appliances in a remodel folder so you have quick
Before you do a remodel check with your local county or city
building departments to see if you need to pull a permit. You don’t want to be
saddled with delays waiting for things to get inspected and then fixed if the
inspection sees something wrong. Most contractors will do this service for you
for the work they are performing on your home. Make sure to ask about permits
before you commit.
Test your design
with samples
. While you are in the design stage before you start scheduling
work, test out the colors you picked and the cabinets you like. You can get
some cheap stretched canvas at a hobby store and paint each with the colors you
picked. Leave each in the room where they will be for a couple of days or a
week to see if you are truly in love with the colors. Ask the cabinet shop for
a full door sample if you are getting new cabinets.
Too tight a
. Don’t rush yourself through your remodel by setting a schedule
that is so tight there is no room for delays or issues. Always budget in some
extra days on each stage so workers are not rushed and you end up spending more
money later to correct their mistakes. Then if the project finishes early you
will be surprised and pleased. Then is on to planning the housewarming party!
To help your remodel along, you can turn the items above
into a checklist for your sanity. Create a bullet list in document program or a
quick list in a spreadsheet program. Wouldn’t take long and you will have a
guideline on things to take care of and things to avoid during your remodel.
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