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Panic Not Required

panic not required

Remember the robot from the old sci-fi series Lost in Space. Whenever they neared danger the robot would wave his arms and say, “Danger, Will Robinson.” A lot of us use the same statement today when we hear about volatile situations. And the latest “correction” in the stock market was one of those situations.

People began speculation that the economy was in trouble and that we were headed for a real estate Armageddon again. I am here to tell you that the “correction” was just some people taking early profits on their investments. There are no indicators out there saying we are heading for another housing bust. In fact, it is just the opposite.

Chief Economists for several large companies are stating that warning signs that would be showing for a housing bubble just don’t exist right now. In fact, they are predicting a 5% nominal gain for the 4th consecutive year. National housing prices are at their highest since 2007 when the bubble burst.

The best investment you can make is buying a home right now. It is a long-term investment that will give you many returns for years to come. And once you decide to retire or move, home values will have risen once again, and you will be the one taking profit from the market.

Contact me today so we can get you in a house before housing prices rise again and mortgage rates follow. Again, no panic needed here.

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