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No money? No budget? Be a Genius!

no money? no budget? be a genius!

So, I came across these simple and frugal ways to make your backyard space wonderful and private this summer. Check them out!

  • Outdoor curtains that don’t move. Gazebos are great but those curtains blow with any wind and heaven forbid you get a thunderstorm. So here is a solution, pick up some marine cloth and some thin conduit pipe. Make a large hem in the bottom, big enough for the pipe and use the large hem at the top. Slip a pipe through each hem and secure on your I-beam structure and Boom! Curtains that stay straight and stay put.
  • Be a shut in. Here is another use for shutters. Pick up some tall ones from your local home store or restoration/reclamation store and paint one side with a bold color. Paint the other side to match your foliage. The mount to sunk 4x4s and rails. They are easy to mount and they let in air through the louvers but are reasonably private.
  • PVC it! Don’t let the cost of treated lumber get you down, check out rebar and PVC piping. Build a pergola with PVC pipe as the rebar as the bones and PVC pipe as the skin. Since PVC takes paint pick one to match your scheme and cover up those pink stamps. Then line with a set up outdoor white Christmas lights for old fashioned lights (trending). And there you have a classic party place.
  • Solar Hose Guards? Yep! We all love those simple solar lights that line our patios and walkways but most hoses will take them out. And before you put them in, hammer in a piece of sturdy rebar and slip the light over top. The light is study enough to stand still while you pull the hose around the yard. 

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