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Laundry Room Makeover

laundry room makeover

Planning to stay in your home for a long time or just in love with your house? How about doing a room to room makeover? Start with a room that isn’t seen by guests much but sees a lot of action. Maybe even every day. Your laundry room.

  • $100 makeover. Declutter, clean up and upgrade your laundry baskets. If you have open shelves, consider baskets with rollers or ones small enough to tuck into shelves. Use them for sorting colors, whites and heavy duty for washing. Think about bins you might use for chemicals or go through your chemicals and safely dispose of ones you don’t use anymore. Clean up spots on the wall that have appeared over the years. A miracle eraser can be used to clean all sorts of grime.
  • $300 makeover. Hampers and put a fresh coat of paint on the walls of your laundry room. A brighter color can bring new life into a otherwise dark room. Here are some color combinations that will work wonders on your mood; pale aqua and white, green and white, beige and white, gray and white, gray, white and a touch of yellow, blue, gray and white, black and white.
  • $500 makeover. Hampers, paint and then add a pop of color with a new rug or floor mat. Perhaps a thick one that is made for standing on especially if you fold clothes in there. Your feet will appreciate it.
  • $700 makeover. Hampers, paint, a new rug or mat and then change out your lighting. But remember bright light is necessary in a laundry room so think about bright LED lighting which will help you save money as well as spot stains that need to be treated.
  • $1200 makeover. Hampers, paint, new rug or mat, new lighting and then add some extra storage or bonus items. Depending on how much room you have you can add an ironing station or drying rack or maybe some extra cabinets or shelves. If space is an issue, put in some space saving items that can be tucked away like a folding drying rack or retractable clothes line.
  • $3,500 makeover. All the above plus new appliances. A new washer and dryer will change how you do laundry. If you buy some front-loading machines look and see if you have room for a shelf above the appliances. This would give you extra space for folding or other laundry day activities.
  • $5000 makeover. Do you want a deep or utility sink in your laundry room? This might be the budget that makes it happen. Price out updated replacement sinks if you already have one or contact a plumber about adding one if you don’t.
  • $10000 makeover. How about all the above and then some new tile or a pet washing station? If you have the room it just might be a helpful item for dealing with dogs and baths. Keeps the dirty stuff in the cleaning room where it belongs and not in your tubs. If you don’t have room maybe new cabinets and new tile floor instead.

No matter what your budget some type of transformation will renew your excitement about the room that turns dirty things to clean things. The happier we are about our home the better the chance is that we will stay. And if you do decide to move, then the makeover will look good to potential buyers.

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