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I’ve Got A Secret!

Well, maybe it’s not “my” secret, but I have several “secret” locations in and around Greenville which you may have never heard of before! Let me know if I’ve hit on one or a few that are new to you!

Walk Behind A Waterfall. Sing, dance, propose, walk, take pictures – do whatever comes to your mind as you walk behind this gorgeous waterfall. It’s right here in Greenville County and you have to cross the private property of Asbury Hills Camp (I never told you it was going to be easy!). You’ll need permission from the camp since it is private property and there may be a gate code. After you’ve been granted permission, it’s about an almost 3 mile hike to the waterfall, otherwise known as Moonshine Falls! Be sure to print directions to the waterfall if you go – this is a tricky one to navigate!

An Abandoned and Hidden Recreation Park. Hidden Springs Recreation Park is located in Lancaster – this is definitely a day trip as it’s about 2 hours away. But, if you love abandoned parks, this is the place for you! There really isn’t a whole lot of information on this park, other than that it’s about 10 miles outside of Lancaster. In it’s glory, it hosted a huge Olympic-sized pool, a skating rink, miniature golf course and a bowling alley. Do you know anyone who visited this gem before it closed in 1986?

A Natural Oasis. Definitely another day trip. Head to Columbia and go to the end of Laurel Street (you’ll end up behind the EdVenture Children’s Museum). You have now reached the Columbia Riverfront Park and Historic Canal! The canal was built in stages, starting in 1824. You’ll even see the old hydro power plant that’s still being used. This is a neat one for those history buffs!

The Hidden Castle. No seriously! We have a castle! The Gassaway Mansion, a.k.a. Isaqueena, is located in Greenville and was built in the 1900’s by a president of one of our very prosperous mills. It used to be privately owned but has since become a wedding venue.

Thinking of buying a home in Greenville or our surrounding areas? I’d love to chat with you! We’ll find your dream home – together! Sellers – don’t forget to contact me in regards to selling your home too! My email is, and my direct phone is (864) 275-3953.

Real Estate News

The Greenville real estate market has the privilege of being situated in an area with promising economic expansion. In fact, the job sector alone appears primed to support both supply and demand for the subsequent housing sector. While the unemployment rate in Greenville (5.8%) is on par with the national average, it is the promising job growth rate that economists are excited about. Over the next year, economists are expecting job growth to reach 2.4 percent. In fact, the Greenville economy is already growing at a faster rate than the U.S. economy. A lot of people are moving to the area from other parts of the country.

In lieu of the expanding economy, Greenville real estate has seen a massive uptick in new construction. In fact, single-family housing permits have increased 30.6 percent over the course of a year. As a comparison, the national average for single-family housing permits barely exceeded two percent. New construction is the result of growing industries attracting more employees.

Life Hack!

A very simple “life hack” for today  – how do you know if your eggs are fresh? It’s pretty simple honestly! Bad eggs sink – good eggs float. Drop your egg into a glass of water and see if it sinks or floats! And yes, I’m well aware that you’re now running to your fridge to test this theory – trust me when I say it works!

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