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Is that foundation worth living on?

Is that foundation worth living on?
Cracked foundation may preclude deeper issues.

We have spoken before about the importance of having a home
inspection done, but did you know that home inspectors do not check for
structural integrity? They are not trained engineers and don’t have the
certification to look at a home’s foundation and point out issues.
But if you are looking to buy a home and there are some
items that stick out as possible foundation issues, you might want to have a
Structural Engineer take a look for you. The upfront money you pay for the
inspection will save you thousands of repair costs after purchase. To help you
out, here are five things to watch for in regards to foundations.
Do you smell mold or mildew? A foundation leak could be
the cause.
Look for outside cracks in the foundation and possible
cracks in the brick work. Is there a leaning or tilted chimney?
Take a look at the driveway and around the garage door
for cracks. Review any concrete patios also.
If the home has a basement look for signs of water
damage which would include peeling paint, chalky deposits left after water
dries up).
Are the doors or windows sticking when you open and
shut them? This could be a sign of foundation damage.
If you see or suspect any of these issues, call a structural
engineer or home inspector with an engineering license to review the home and
check the foundation. You don’t want to have to spend $20,000 or more to fix
the home foundation.
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