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Home Design Trends for 2020 (contd)

home design trends for 2020

So, last week we talked about the new trends in kitchens for 2020. This week we will explore bathrooms.


  • Tiled bathtub aprons. With a minimal investment, homeowners can change the look of their bathroom by adding a covered bathtub apron. Tile and wood are popular materials. It is a big payoff without a huge investment.
  • Walk-in showers. A trend that is continuing into 2020 is the walk-in shower. Homeowners want big showers and are willing to sacrifice their tubs to get them. It tends to be the tallest element in the bathroom, so people want it to stand out.
  • Wet rooms. A trend that is becoming popular in 2020 is to enclose your bathtub and shower in what is called a “wet room.” A great alternative if you have the extra space in your bathroom.
  • Shower ledges. Building out a small ledge along the full length of your shower takes less space than putting in corner shelves. But still provides lots of ledge for your shower goodies.
  • Floating double vanities. There is a rise in double floating vanities. The floating vanity frees up floor space and makes cleaning up the floor faster. It also gives the appearance of having more space.
  • Extra bathroom seating. A trend that is popping up is adding extra seating in the bathroom or walk-in shower space. Some are adding in stand-alone stools while others are adding in full benches.
  • Wrapped power rooms. Add interest to your guest bathrooms by “wrapping” the whole room with a featured wall covering. Suggestions include using white shiplap, especially if you are looking to present a beach or ocean theme.

Living Rooms

  • Breezy, calming living rooms. A trend that designers are interested in especially since the stay-at-home orders were issued is designed around a sense of calm and wellness. Soft colors, casual fabrics, minimal décor, and lots of light or sunshine.

Laundry Rooms

  • Deep utility sinks. One trend that keeps coming back is having a deep utility sink in the laundry room. Utility sinks can be used for all those “dirty” things that you don’t want in your kitchen sink.
  • Bright Colors. Adding in bright colors in a room that is made for mundane tasks can turn that area into an energizing space to work. Make it a bohemian retreat or a 70’s disco room.

Dining Rooms

  • DR personality. Formal dining rooms have not been replaced, yet. They are still being used for special occasions. This allows you to inject personal style in a room that isn’t used all the time. You can make them sophisticated or casual or farmhouse depending on your taste.


  • Warmer colors. Neutrals (or what we call builder blah) are still popular but there is a trend of homeowners moving away from neutral palettes into warmer colors like coral to ocher and more. It has always been fun for a designer to add in a pop of color.

Greenville Area Update

The North Carolina-based natural and organic grocer Earth Fare will re-open to shoppers on September 2nd. This Greenville location will be the ninth of 12 Earth Fare stores to reopen.

A new Starbucks is planned for Simpsonville on West Georgia Road. It will be the second standalone storefront in Simpsonville. It will open this fall as a 2,500 square foot store with a drive-thru and employ about 25 people.

Real Estate News

There is a sharp V recovery for the real estate market going on right now. Existing home sales are now above pre-pandemic levels. Sixty-three percent of properties are typically sold in a month’s time frame. NAR is reporting 22 days. South Carolina shows 31 to 45 median days on the market. On average, Realtors are reporting about three offers per property In July compared to two a year ago.

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