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Winter Sports? In Greenville?

You probably looked at the title of this blog and immediately thought “wow, she’s lost it”. See, if you don’t live in Greenville or anywhere in the area, you may not be aware that we’re, well, southern.

See, us southern states really aren’t supposed to even think about the “s word” – and that word is snow. We’re also not supposed to think about ice. And, while we’re at it, we’re TOTALLY not supposed to really think about the possibility of winter sports.

But the fact of the matter is, we DO HAVE winter sports. Yes, they’re normally inside, but we have access to ice skating, ice hockey and even curling. And, in the mountains in some areas, skiing even exists!

This seemed pretty pertinent to me with the Olympics gearing up – and, more than likely, there are many many kids out there that want to be in the Olympics at some point in their lives.

So, here are some places near and not-so-near where you can hone on those winter sport skills, and hopefully will someday be a part of the Olympics!

  • Skating – This sport will be the easiest to access locally, year-round. Indoor ice rinks like the Pavillion in Taylors offer lessons for all ages, and skill levels. You can have the opportunity to figure skate as well as speed skate. Check out the schedule here to book your time!
  • Ice Hockey – Have a kid that’s been wanting to check that out? If they’re ages 4-9, bring them to the Pavillion on Saturday, March 5th from 11:45 am until 12:45 pm for a free hockey clinic. Sign up here!
  • Adults – want to give Curling a try? There’s something about sweeping ice that seems intriguing to me lol. Check out the clinic for adults at the Pavillion on February 15, 22 and March 1. Sign up here!
  • We actually have a few options for skiing, and one of those is Beech Mountain. Beech Mountain offers skiing, snowboarding, tubing and ice skating. The Beech Mountain Resort offers specials including discounts to students and teachers on snow days.

Thinking of buying a home in Greenville or our surrounding areas? I’d love to chat with you! We’ll find your dream home – together! Sellers – don’t forget to contact me in regards to selling your home too! My email is, and my direct phone is (864) 275-3953.

What Can My Family Do?

Kidding Around Greenville had this really neat short article this week that I wanted to share with you all. These are some great things happening in our area that you and your family are bound to enjoy!

  • Robin Hood at the SC Children’s Theatre Friday – Sunday | See link for times | $20 (partner)
  • Zoo Tots at the Greenville Zoo on Friday and Saturday | 10 am and 11:15 am | $10/members, $22/non-members
  • Knee High Naturalists at Lake Conestee Nature Preserve on Saturday | 9:30 am | $10/first child, $8/additional child
  • Pirates & Princess Night at the Swamp Rabbits home game on Sunday at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena | 3:05 pm | $18+

See their calendar for more local events.

Why every home buyer should use a real estate agent

Home buyers sometimes avoid calling a real estate agent. Perhaps they have heard that real estate agents are expensive. Maybe they’re afraid they won’t like the agent. Some buyers think it would be simpler to just find a home they like, and then call the listing agent. Actually, it is always better for a buyer to use a real estate agent for these reasons:

  • Using a real estate agent usually doesn’t cost the buyer. Your real estate agent’s commission is typically paid by the seller. These commission fees are set when the seller contracts with the listing agent. This means as a buyer, you can use a real estate agent for representation at no cost to you!
  • Using a real estate agent saves money and avoids frustration. Victoria Cottle knows the ins and outs of purchasing a home. She will help you avoid costly mistakes when making an offer, getting a mortgage, and finding insurance. She also knows how to keep the process moving and make things happen–so you can get into your new home!
  • It’s important to have your own agent, representing just you. Remember that it’s important to make sure your agent is just representing you. Victoria Cottle will represent your best interests throughout the process of buying a home. Call her for more information about how she can help you buy a home in Greenville or Upstate South Carolina.
  • Why home buyers should never call a listing agent. So, you’re driving through a neighborhood and you see a “for sale” sign. The house looks nice from the outside, and you’re in the market for a home . . . so you call the number on the sign, right? Actually, if you call the phone number on the “for sale” sign, you are making a big mistake.
  • Never call the phone number on a “for sale” sign! When you call that number, guess who answers the phone? The listing agent answers. Now you are talking to the real estate agent who represents the seller. His job is to sell the house as soon as possible, for the highest price possible.
  • Dealing directly with a listing agent could cost you thousands! If you deal with the listing agent, you may reveal information that ultimately costs you thousands of dollars. What happens if you fall in love with that house and the listing agent knows you will purchase the house at any price? The listing agent is contractually required to get as much money as possible for the seller. Remember, everything you say can and will be used against you in negotiations.
  • Call Victoria Cottle and ask her to represent you. Instead of calling the listing agent, call Victoria Cottle, and ask her to represent you. She will work for you, not the sellers. Her job is to make sure that you get the best home for your needs, at the best price. The best part is that using Victoria Cottle as your buyer’s agent usually doesn’t cost you anything.

Around Greenville!

Enter: The Big Dog Show. The City of Greenville recently announced this new exhibit, featuring 20 8x10ft corten steel dog sculptures (to put that into perspective, André the giant was 7’4″), will be arriving in Greenville in March.

The phrase “dead of winter” isn’t necessarily the case in our Upstate woods, with creatures like bees, wood frogs, salamanders, turtles, and birds hunkered down in hidden places as they await spring. Learn more about these creatures’ cold-weather habits here. ? (Greenville Journal)

Local Greenville SC News

The City of Greenville is accepting applications for upcoming board + commission seat vacancies (think: Neighborhood Design Review Board). Appointments begin in April and October for terms that begin in May and November. May term applications are due Feb. 1. See available seats and additional details here

Do you have a dog that’s ready to tie the knot? Greenville County Animal Care’s 2022 Canine Wedding is Feb. 17. If you think your dog and his or her beau deserve to have their doggy dream wedding, you can apply here — the deadline is Feb. 1. To celebrate, adoptions will be free during the week of the wedding. ?

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