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Freedom – it’s something that every single one of us has and enjoys in our country, but do you really ever think about what the word means?

In a definition sense, freedom means the ability to act or change without constraint. You can kind of think of it (in its own way) as a rusty lock. When you put oil on a rusty lock, it suddenly has the “freedom” to move on its own will – there are no constraints.

Freedom in our country is of course something that should never, ever, be taken lightly. I know you’ve heard this saying, but Freedom Isn’t Free. Men and women died to give us the freedoms we enjoy every single day. And for that, we are all forever grateful.

When holidays such as Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Independence Day come up on the calendar, all of us seem to take that moment to recognize those freedoms. But, isn’t it something we should all recognize every single day?

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 Why is Greenville such a great place for real estate investors?

Located right on the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Greenville is one of the largest cities in South Carolina. Founded in 1831, Greenville became the “Textile Center of the South” as cotton mills took advantage of its fast-flowing waterways and cheap labor force. However, the industry started to decline by the 1960s due to the rise of synthetic fibers produced elsewhere. It began facing additional pressure in the 1970s from developing countries where workers were even cheaper. By the late 1990s, the industry’s collapse accelerated, deepening Greenville’s decline.

However, the region has remade itself over the last two decades by diversifying its manufacturing base. It’s now the home to the North American headquarters of Michelin, the world’s largest tire maker. Meanwhile, BMW operates its largest car manufacturing plant by volume in the region. As these and other manufacturers have moved into the Greenville region with a host of other businesses, they’ve brought jobs. That’s drawn job seekers to the area, helping grow its population base by 60% more than the national average since 2010.

Despite that significant population growth, Greenville remains a relatively affordable housing market. When combined with everything else the region offers, affordability and jobs should drive continued migration to the city in the coming years. That makes it an ideal location for real estate investors to consider.

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Fireworks – they’re just like a staple this time of year! With not having that opportunity to enjoy them last year (unless you knew someone who was setting them off), this year seems even more important to head out and catch a show. The annual City of Greenville show was canceled again this year due to construction, but there are still many other places you can patronize!
Check out the following, and take pictures! I’d love to see them!
City of Simpsonville – 7/4 at 5:30 pm
Hartness Living – 7/2 at 6:30 pm
Locust Hill Baptist Church at Traveler’s Rest – 7/4 at 6 pm
City of Spartanburg – 7/4 at 6 pm

These are just a handful of places where you can watch the fireworks this year! Hope you get the opportunity to head out and enjoy a show!

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