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Don’t forget the winter prep

don't forget the winter prep

It always happens too fast. One minute it is warm and moderate temperatures and the next it is frigid and cold. Fall never seems to last quite long enough especially when you live this close to the Blue Ridge Mountain corridor. With that in mind, here are some quick tips on what you should look at prepping before old man winter really gets a hold of us. 

  • Outdoor faucet protector. Freezing temps can bust your outside faucets. You should always remove your hoses but invest in a faucet protector also. Priced at less than $10 they cost a lot less than water damage repair.
  • Add more insulation. Icicles are pretty but only when they are lights. Icicles are a clear sign you have an ice dam, a buildup of ice on your roof or gutter that prevents melting snow and ice from flowing into your gutters. Prevent this damage by adding more insulation in your attic. You need at least 14 inches no matter where you live. In a colder climate, you would need more.
  • Keep the gutters clean. It’s a twice-yearly maintenance task that we all dread but is necessary. Gutters that back up water are costly. That backed up water will creep into your home and cause all sorts of damage either near the roof or near your foundation.
  • Stop the leaks. Time to peruse your windows, baseboards, fireplace(s), dryer vents and any other place where the inside of your home meets the outside. Use caulk that can be picked up at your local hardware store to plug gaps. Or you may need to add some extra seal below your doors.
  • Program it! It is also time to think about getting a programmable thermostat or checking over your settings if you already have one. Some can be programmed via an online or phone app. Newer thermostats can even be set up with smart home systems. When you leave the system adjusts the thermostat cooler and adjusts it warmer when you arrive back home.
  • Tune up Time! Get a furnace tune up. Your local heating and air company may be having a special right now to beat the rush. Take advantage!
  • Fireplace inspection. Before you do your first burn, please make sure to get your fireplace(s) inspected. Especially in areas where you may burn lots of pine. Because it is not a hardwood, pine tends to burn less hot than perhaps oak, so the creosote will buildup without you even knowing about it. Too much and it sets up for chimney fires. Don’t cost yourself more money down the road with a fire.

Hope these tips helped you out. Nobody likes unexpected seasonal bills especially ones that can be prevented.

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