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Did Grandma Tell You About These?

did grandma tell you about these
Grandma and the
women who came before them new how to pinch pennies in their day. They knew
where every bit of the money coming into their household went and on what it
was spent. That’s ok if you don’t have the same amount of control. Today we all
have apps and auto billing that reach into our accounts and just pay things. It
is hard to keep up.
Doesn’t mean we
can’t learn from grandma. I am going to spell out a few money-saving and
money-making habits that your grandparents cultivated with a modern twist.
  1. Rent out
    your rooms
    If you have extra empty rooms in your home rent them out. Grandma did!
    People back in the 50s and 60s new that extra room in a house was a gold
    mine for them. Today its even easier with the advent of AirBnB or
    HomeAway. Be sure to check your local regulations. Another option is to
    find a roommate and become a landlord, gain tax deductions and extra
    income. If you have a large open area for entertaining consider putting
    the space on Splacer, an online marketplace for event planners. If you
    live near an event space consider using your extra yard space for paid
  2. Yearly
    review of home insurance
    . Take the initiative to talk with your insurance agent
    each year when your home insurance renews to make sure you are not
    overpaying for insurance. Look for instances where you may be paying
    double and ask what you can do to get discounts. Also if you have gotten
    rid of anything that insurance covered you may be able to reduce your
    replacement cost a bit.
  3. Do your own
    . Before
    you decide if you need to hire a professional, do a Google search and
    understand what is needed to actually fix the problem. You may find out
    that you can DIY the solution and save the cost of a professional.
    Remember, most of them charge you a call fee and then charge you the cost
    of the repair plus parts.
  4. Pack up your
    Not something you may know about but actually packing your fridge helps
    you save money. With less dead space for hot air to gather your fridge
    will actually stay consistently colder. Set your thermostat to 36 – 38
    degrees F for maximum efficiency.
  5. Free stuff! Check with your local
    electric, gas or water utility company to see what free items or
    assistance they offer. You may be able to get an energy audit,
    energy-efficient light bulbs, new shower heads, HVAC coil cleaning or
    usage assessments. What is there to lose?
  6. The power of
    . In our
    throw away society, we may depend heavily on paper towels but take another
    look at keeping a good bag of rags. Use old t-shirts, cut up towels and
    even old socks. When calculating the energy cost to wash them compared to
    paper towels you will come out ahead. But make sure the rags is good and
    dirty first.
Hope you enjoyed
reading about grandma’s tips and remedies. It seems we can all take a lesson
from the past and get back to basics. You may want to consider using this
method with your food preparation too. Get back to preparing whole foods and
drop the over-processed meals we have become accustomed to today.

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