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Daylight Savings Time – WHY??

I’m sure you’ve had at least one moment in your life when you’ve asked the resounding “WHY” question. You know, why is the sky blue? Why are all of my socks missing? Why is the traffic moving so slow when there’s no accident? Why isn’t the car starting? You’re getting the idea now right?

But I have a whole different kind of WHY today. And that is, WHY do we have to have Daylight Savings Time? I mean, is there actually a history to this whole thing?

Well, believe it or not, yes there is! Way way way back in 1784, the idea of aligning waking hours to daylight hours was first used to conserve candles (remember, no electricity back then!) by the one and only Benjamin Franklin. There’s a lot more history and facts that go beyond that little history lesson, but I’ll let you look that up if you’re interested. It’s actually a very interesting thing to look up!

I will tell you this much however – Daylight Savings Time isn’t observed everywhere. It completely depends on how close you are to the Equator. The closer you live to the Equator, the idea of recognizing Daylight Savings Time isn’t justifyable (if that’s even a real word) because the sunrise and sunset times don’t fluctuate.

But, here in Greenville, and many many other areas across the US and other countries, do recognize Daylight Savings Time.

So, this is my gentle reminder to you to make sure that you set your clocks forward an hour tonight. You’ll be getting an extra hour of sleep – and for many of us, that alone is a great reason to jump forward! Oh, and yes, it also means SPRING IS COMING!

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And Did You Know……

That since the weather is getting warmer, it’s a great time to break out your walking shoes! Here in Greenville, and our surrounding areas for that matter, we have some really great walking trails! Check out this site for walking trails and informational walks in our area. You’ll learn a little Greenville history along the way too!

Mice In Greenville? Don’t Worry, They’re Not Real

This is actually a great thing to do with your kids, grandkids, or even if you just love to do a scavenger hunt yourself. And, you can’t beat the idea of getting a little fresh air and exercise, all while strolling around the downtown streets of Greenville.

If you’ve never done this before – it’s really just a nice way to explore our area and look for clues along the way.

This was actually inspired by a senior project back in 2000, and also based on the children’s book “Goodnight Moon”. I’m sure you’ve probably seen the board game, t-shirts and other memorabilia. And trust me, there are 9 tiny bronze mice out there just waiting for you to find them!

Follow the clues, and go on a little hunt. It’s really quite a nice way to spend your morning or afternoon! Visit this site to download the clues sheet – it will definitely make your journey a little easier.

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126. That’s how many Greenville sculptures, murals, and art structures you can see from the comfort of your home. The City created a new Arts in Public Places webpage, which features virtual maps with placemarks for art with photos + descriptions. Start your tour. (Greenville Journal) ?️

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