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Cookie Hacks – They’re NOT Just For Christmas!

I love figuring out the “easier” way to do things. Call it lazy or call it practical, but doesn’t it just make sense to make things a little easier on yourself?

With Christmas in just a few short days (ahhhhhh) some of us might be making Christmas cookies. And some may not be making them. Some of course don’t even celebrate Christmas. The point here is, whenever you’re baking cookies, these hacks will make the whole process easier, more enjoyable, and give you more time to enjoy those delectable little chewy or crispy treats ?

And now, without further ado, I bring you some cookie making and baking hacks!

  1. Pull out your butter about a half hour before you’re going to make your cookies – an hour absolute TOPS! If the butter gets too soft, and you can literally put your finger completely through it – it won’t help your cookie to hold it’s shape.
  2. Tackle two recipes with one dough. You’d be amazed at how many different kinds of cookies use the same dough! All it takes is a little imagination, some sprinkles, and favorite mix-in ingredients to make them completely separate from each other.
  3. Using molasses or another sticky ingredient? Spray the inside of your measuring cup first with a non-stick spray, then measure that sticky substance. No more messy stickiness inside your cup!
  4. No rolling pin? Use a wine bottle! It can be empty or full (it might be empty by the time you get done baking all those cookies anyway ?)
  5. Keep your cookies soft after they’ve baked. Now, this hack – not everyone likes a soft cookie. But, if you do, put a slice or two of white bread into the cookie jar. Your cookies will stay nice and soft until they’re all gobbled up!
  6. Don’t be afraid of using a premade dough. You can spice it up! Add some orange peel, cinnamon, almond extract, nuts, peppermint – the sky is the limit on this one! And by the time you’re done, no one will know that you didn’t make the dough ?
  7. And here’s my favorite – use marshmallows for frosting! If you’ve run out of frosting, or just plain out don’t feel like making any, pull your cookies out of the oven when they have about 3-5 more minutes left to bake. Dip one side of mini marshmallows into water, then place them on your cookie. You’ll need a few to cover the top. Put them back in the oven and give them a minute or two (or three). Once they start to melt but aren’t runny yet, take the cookies back out of the oven and use a spoon to “spread your frosting”. Just don’t wait until the marshmallow starts to turn brown because it won’t be as easy to spread.

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Christmas Day Meal | Sunday, Dec. 25 | 11:30 a.m. | Comal 864, 1112 Woodside Ave., Greenville | Free | Donate gently used coats + help hand out free plates of food to people in need. ?

135,000. That’s how many lights are on “The Christmas House” (360 Foster Rd., Inman), an Upstate holiday tradition since 1973. The over-the-top decorations change from year to year, with plans already underway for the 2023 season. You can view the lights now until Saturday, Dec. 31 from 5:30 to 10 p.m.? (WSPA)

 You may see Rabbi Leibel Kesselman with Chabad Jewish Center of Greenville’s “Hanukkah mobile” on Main Street during Hanukkah. The car, which will be playing “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel” + a features a giant rooftop menorah, is stocked with homemade doughnuts, menorahs, chocolate gelt, and dreidels. (FOX Carolina)

Legacy Pines Golf Club (200 Ranch Rd.) is in the process of being sold to a home developer. The course’s owner posted on Facebook saying the 245-acre course is under contract for purchase and “the future of Legacy Pines GC is uncertain.” ⛳

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