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Colors to Put Your Home on a Stage

colors to put your home on a stage

When you decide to sell your home, you can bet your agent is going to say, “Time to paint the walls!” But don’t just settle for plain old white or neutral shades of white. Your goal is to make each of your rooms feel fresh and inviting and allow buyers to see themselves in your home. That doesn’t mean your rooms have to be boring, bland or missing a bit of style. Sometimes white is a solution but you don’t want hospital rooms. So here are some colors that will give you a great alternative.

  • Going Greige. Gray became the new white a few years ago but it may not be for you. Take a look at Greige which is a pale gray with a beige undertone. It is very versatile when it comes to staging. Greige will add depth to any white room and can work in a small or large room. 
  • Bird’s Egg Blue. A warm medium blue with sunny undertones. It will work in a living room, bedroom or bathroom especially when the remainder of the room is gray, beige or white. This warm turquoise color creates a soothing feeling in any room. Calming and soothing works well on potential buyers. 
  • Charcoal for Drama. Charcoal, which is a deep gray, is a neutral color pop that can add style to any room. It happens to be a neutral color and can be used on accent walls or to conceal shadows and add style. For a contrast with style coordinate charcoal walls with white or beige furniture and accessories. 
  • Add some Sunshine. Golden yellows are great pop colors that you can use on cabinets, accent walls or fixed elements in your room to add warmth. Look for a yellow that has a bit of wheat or creamy undertone so it doesn’t appear garish or too bright. 
  • Join the Navy. Navy blue that is, an excellent color to add sophistication, maturity or drama in your room. Works well in a room with a lot of light. Use contrasting pale hues as accents. 
  • A Little Cream. If your comfort zone just won’t push past the white palettes, then try the neutral creamy shades. These creamier shades have a greige or pale beige undertone that isn’t yellow. It will add a bit more warmth. Or just offset your white walls with a stark white trim, fixtures or ceiling. By creating subtle contrasts, you can give your room a soft glow. 

Hope these tips help you out. We never look forward to paint day but it is one of those maintenance tasks that we all need to do in our home. Bring out your inner designer and enjoy where you live.

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