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Christmas Tree Care

Tis the season and with that season comes Christmas trees! Problem with trees is if you don’t water them, they dry up and become tinder for fires. It may be a tradition of the past, especially since people seem to like artificial trees more and more these days, but nothing can be the scent and feel of a real evergreen tree.

But once you bring that tree inside with the heated air your goal is to keep it watered and pliable through the whole holiday season.

  • Get the tree in water immediately or as soon as possible (within 8 hours). If it wasn’t a freshly cut trunk you will want to saw off an inch or two before putting it in a tree stand with fresh water. If you are not ready to place it, set it in a bucket of water in a cool place.
  • Use the correct tree stand. The diameter of your tree trunk should fit comfortably inside the stand top. Whittling off bark to make the tree fit only helps it to dry out faster. The National Christmas Tree Association (yes there is one) recommends that you get a stand that will provide 1 quart of water per inch of stem diameter. Be sure there is a large reservoir. A fresh tree can use up to a gallon of water in its first few hours in the stand.
  • Water, water, and more water. The bigger the tree the more water you need. The cut part of the tree must stay below the waterline. Adding an aspirin, lemon soda or other home remedies to the water does not extend the tree’s life. Instead, it may sicken your pets when they drink out of the reservoir. And believe me they will!
  • Allow enough space for the tree branches to relax and open more once inside. You don’t want the tree in the way of foot traffic.
  • Try to keep the tree cool. To a fresh cut tree, your home is as dry as a desert. Make sure the try is away from the sun and away from heat sources. Keep the room temperature as low as you can.
  • Do not keep your tree lights on overnight. They are magical and enjoyable but can be a possible fire hazard.

Even if you take care of the tree religiously, it will eventually dry out. When your branches droop low and the needles fall off when you touch it, then it is time to get rid of the tree. You can wrap it in an old sheet to take it outside.

If you have a chipper or shredder you can turn the tree branches into mulch. If you have a large yard or property, you can drag the tree out to provide a spot for birds and animals to use as cover. Some communities will collect them to make inexpensive mulch or compost that they offer back to residents or use for city projects.

Real Estate News

2021 Housing Forecast – experts are forecasting an optimistic year for the housing market. Interest rates are projected to remain at or near 3 percent in 2021, which in turn will fuel a strong buyer activity. Here are some projected rates for 2021.

  • Fannie Mae 2.8%
  • Freddie Mac 3%
  • MBA 3-3.3%
  • NAR 2.9-3.2%

While interest rates stay low, homes sales are forecasted to increase in 2021. Home prices are also expected to continue appreciating as more people buy in the coming year.

Local Greenville SC News

Christmas Lights and Holiday Events in the Upstate

  • Anderson Christmas Lights through Dec 25 at 5:30 pm on Martin Luther King Blvd and Woodcrest Drive.
  • Update Holiday Light Show through Dec 31 at 6 pm Greenville Pickens Speedway.
  • Peck Family Christmas Lights through Dec 30th  on Crosshill Rd in Moore.
  • Christmas on Kwikaway through Dec 30th at 6 pm on Kwikaway Court in Simpsonville.
  • Poole’s Christmas Light Show through Dec 26th at 6 pm on Hwy 92 in Enoree.
  • The Christmas House through Dec 30 at 5:30 pm on Foster Rd in Inman.
  • Williams Family Christmas through Dec 31st at 5:30pm on Pacolet Dr in Landrum.
  • A Little Light Show through Jan 1 at 6-10pm on Andrea Ln in Greenville.

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