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Bet you didn’t know about these

Bet you didn’t know about these

Being the second most celebrated holiday behind Christmas, the is the month of Halloween. In fact, it makes its appearance on Tuesday the 31st. So, in the spirit I found five places in the Greenville area that are reported to be haunted. Enjoy! 

  1. Greenville Army-Navy Store at 660 South Main St. In 1946, Veteran Harry Zaglin opened the store and it remains one of the oldest businesses in Greenville. Mr. Zaglin passed in 1995. His son Jeff still runs the store, but some believe Harry is still visiting and watching over things. A paranormal group investigation in 2011 recorded an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) believed to be Mr. Zaglin telling people to “Get out! We’re closed” and “Come back next week.” Another researcher has report boots moving on their own, flashing lights and a drawer that won’t stay put.
  2. Westin Poinsett Hotel at 120 South Main St. With a grand opening in 1925 as The Poinsett Hotel and many good years of business the Poinsett closed its doors in 1987. A vacant building for 13 years until snagged by some investors and reopened it in 2000 as the Westin Poinsett Hotel. Guests have reported strange noises coming from their bathroom and hallway and spotted an old man in their room and watch him disappear in front of them.
  3. Herdklotz Park at 126 Beverly Rd. Hopewell Tuberculosis Sanatorium treated hundreds of patients and many of them died. The Sanatorium has been gone for a long time, but a legend persists that the dead patients haunt Herdklotz park which is the site of the old hospital. Strange sounds have been heard on the playground, invisible bells clanging and at night people have seen shadows moving in the darkness. Some homeowners near the park claim they have seen the shadows in their homes.
  4. Springwood Cemetery at 410 North Main St. This cemetery is over 200 years old and with more than 10,000 graves. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. A few paranormal investigation groups have been in the cemetery and have reported phantom knocks and full-body apparitions. Children have reported seeing spirits that adults can’t see. There have also been reports of voices, lights and blurred faces in visitor’s photos.
  5. Poinsett Bridge on Callahan Mountain Rd in Landrum. This bridge was built in 1820 and is South Carolina’s oldest surviving bridge. There are several legends about the bridge starting with a lynched slave, to being over an Indian burial ground to a mason who died during construction being entombed inside. A paranormal investigation team found unexplained light phenomena, photos of a “mist of man-sized proportions” and recordings that sound like a human heartbeat. Unexplained moans, screams and odd lights have also been reported.

If you are interested in learning more about possible haunted areas in Greenville, check out Haunted Greenville, South Carolina by Jason Profit. You can also check out the Greenville Ghost Tour which is the original downtown haunted walking tour created by Jason Profit and lasts about 90 minutes. You must make a reservation.

Happy Halloween!

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