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Avoiding the Malady that Spring Brings

avoiding the malady that spring brings
You might think you are ready
for it, but it often creeps up on you without you realizing it. I am talking
about Spring! February is the time when the colleges start their spring break
season and the groundhog lets us know if winter will truly end or if there will
be six more weeks of punishment. But oh February, use this month to begin your
preparations for spring. Here are several things you can do this month.
  1. De-muck your yard. Your yard is
    frozen but with warming temperatures it soon won’t be. Take the time now
    to plan to fill in those bare muddy spots with sod or seed, plants or
    paving materials. Check out what available ground cover would be for your
    area. Maybe add some gravel, decorative gardens and rocks, a new fish pond
    anything that might keep those recurring mud holes away.
  2. Spring cleaning
    . Take time to clean up and organize your laundry room and
    storage shelves. It might even motivate you to set a plan for spring
    cleaning. As a kid, I always remember my mom announcing in February that
    it was spring cleaning time.
  3. Pay close attention
    to entrances and exits
    . What better place to start your clean up than to plan one for
    your foyer and other door areas in your home. These places often take the
    worst of what we bring into the house and don’t often get good treatment
    for it. Use February to clean up the winter gunk.
  4. Handy man or woman? Many handiwork
    companies often get an onslaught of new work in the spring. Beat the rush
    by making your plans and booking in February. There are all types of
    indoor fixes that can be done and a lot of exterior ones also. Maybe you
    really need a landscaping professional, go ahead and get on their calendar
    now. Bids don’t usually cost much if anything and the contractors will be
    excited about the planned work.
Hope these
tips inspired you to set your planning in motion. Spring is a renewal of
spirit, love (Valentine’s Day) and cleanliness. Set February as your new spring
cleaning planning month.
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