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Let’s check in on Greenville SC and see how things are going. Some of the stats below are provided by Trulia® and can seem a bit biased based on the number of homes in each category.

  • Median Sales Price: $200,000 (Oct 24 to Jan 23) 
  • Price Per Sqft: $126 
  • Median Rent Per Month: $1,197 (Dec 24 to Jan 24) 

Market Trends in Housing

Trends in Greenville SC show a 7 percent year-over-year rise in median sales price and a zero percent drop in median rent per month. Looking back over the last year, rents did top out at around $1,300 using the summer when demand for housing usually increases due to an influx of new employees into the area.

Crime in the Greenville SC area is relatively low with only 10 incidents reported in the Greenville SC city limits. Most reported crime incidents were outside the city*. The most frequent crimes over the past year were 127 counts of theft, 18 counts of arrest, 4 counts of robbery, 4 counts of shooting and 4 counts of burglary.

Some Demographics on Your Neighbors

  • Single Residents: 38 percent 
  • Home Owners: 58 percent 
  • Median Age: 38 
  • Median Household Income: $38,649 
  • College Educated: 35 percent. 

Most of the workers (98%) in Greenville SC commute by car. Toward downtown your commute times are around 10-15 minutes. As you work your way out of downtown your commute increases to between 20 mins and 45 mins.

Great Place to Live

Even after all these stats, Greenville SC’s great amenities, our growing economy and creating balance between growth and quality of life. has scored Greenville SC as one of their “Best Places to Live” saying it has a lot going for it. Situated in the booming Charlotte to Atlanta corridor and with some great southern charm, you can’t beat the vibe and feel of the youthful workforce and diversified economy. Reviving main street after the textile industry faltered, Greenville SC got on top quickly by diversifying the economic base.

There are also many great amenities in Greenville SC for everyone. The visitor’s bureau has worked hard to make Greenville SC a destination city rather than an interstate pass through. The city itself is rather beautiful with the planned greenspace and hiking and biking trails. There are many festivals throughout the year and lots of museums and performances in the Peace Center.

And remember if you, a friend or family member need assistance with selling or buying a home I can help. Referrals and people needing relocation assistance are welcome! Search Single Family homes in Greenville. Search Condos and Townhomes in Greenville.

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