working from home isn't so bad
Victoria Cottle

Victoria Cottle

Working from Home isn’t so Bad

With the pandemic people suddenly found themselves working from home (WFH). They were having video meetings and video training and like most of us weren’t prepared for this to happen in our homes. So, who decorates for that ahead of time?

To help you out here are some ideas on how to make your spaces function better.

  • Design your work area or room with video meetings in mind. Incorporate several options for sitting or standing during meetings. Another feature would be installing a magnetic wallpaper behind your desk area for posting notes, schedules or images.
  • Maximize your wall storage. Use floor to ceiling storage units. Shelves for books, photos, attractive knickknacks. Then drawers and lower shelving for files and things you don’t want seen.
  • Add plants. Putting plants in your office space is a great way to stay connected to nature when you are cooped up indoors. It will also add oxygen to the space. You can also consider using bamboo and warm woods with natural fiber rugs.
  • Consider creating an office nook. If you have a quieter room where you don’t want to give up the whole space but a portion, a nook would work well.
  • Believe in black. It is believed that when balanced with other colors and natural light, it can have a grounding and calming effect.
  • Shared office space. WFH couples and WFH couples with kids know that everyone needs their own space. Try taking a larger space and dividing it up into smaller workstations. Putting the stations spaced out around the room will give everyone their own space but still allow collaboration or quick question answers for kids.
  • Try making the room multi-functional. Why just work in the room, set it up to handle work, crafts, sewing, artwork and maybe quilting.
  • Set up a reading space different from your office chair even if it is comfortable. You will want or need to take a break from sitting in front of a screen all day. Add a comfy chair with an ottoman for your feet or that iPad when you need to take a call.

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