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Winter Wellness

winter wellnes

Christmas and New Years are almost upon us and once they are past, the excitement that goes along with them are also past. So, you still have several more months of winter and being closed up in the house unless you live in Florida. So here are some tips to help you make the most of your winter days at home.

  • Safety checks. Before the cold starts is when you need to have your heating system checked. If you have a fireplace, get your chimney checked for creosote buildup. It is also a good time to check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. You will be warmer this winter if you know your heating units are safe.
  • Change up your sleeping quarters. Good sleep is the epitome of good health. Consider revamping your bedroom with new sheets and bedding. Make it more inviting. Also, leak check the room. You get the best sleep when your room is the darkest. No TVs, no ambient light, no outside lights. 
  • Make the most of daylight. With shorter days you need to bring in the light when it is there. Open up the curtains and blinds. Use sunlight bulbs to brighter your mood.
  • Exercise. Another way to beat the winter blues is to exercise. The more the better your attitude will be. But if you can’t go outside, heading indoors is also a good option. Set up a workout room in your home or get a gym membership.
  • Quick warm up. Consider one of the winter bathing rituals that people all over the world do in the winter. Taking a warm soak or using a hot sauna. The heat of a sauna or a hot tub will warm you to the bone and last a long time. If it is a personal tub, think about adding some essential oils.
  • Breathe well. Upgrade your heating system returns with HEPA filters. These filters catch more dust and debris then regular filters and actually clean the air. Consider bringing in a duct cleaning company and have them replace the filters for you. If dry air is the problem, the consider a humidifier. But keep it clean to prevent mold and mildew which brings on a whole other bunch of problems.
  • Healthy eating. A good way to brighten up a grey day is by having a healthy snack. Healthy eating not only keeps your energy levels steady but also brightens your mood. So even if you feel guilty about being inside you won’t feel guilty about your food choices. Keep them in the open and at eye level to encourage your family to eat them.
  • Be social. After holiday celebrations, continuing to see your friends and family will help brighten your mood and keep your spirits up during the cold winter months. Have a game night or a movie night with friends.
  • Outdoor fun. Get outside! Play in the snow if you have it. Take a walk in the cool air. Get some blood flowing and enjoy some of winter’s wonders.
  • Cozy up. Then after you get cold outside head in for some hot chocolate and a warm blanket. Make your space even more appealing by lighting candles. But remember not to leave them alone. This might be the time you finish that book.

Let us know in the comments below which winter activities are your favs. Do the best to keep up your spirits during the cold winter months and keep thinking spring is just around the corner.

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