Victoria Cottle

Victoria Cottle

To replace or Not to replace, that is the question!

When you are ready to freshen up a room, first thing you do is give it some fresh paint and then maybe some accent painting here and there. Well there are other things in your home you can also paint to “freshen” them up. It will save you money right now.

Here are several things that can be painted and a bit of knowledge on how. Remember, prep is everything.

to replace or not to replace, that is the question
  1. Cabinet door and drawer hardware. Get a new look for some old hardware by using some spray paint. First clean the hardware with steel wool. Get rid of grime and grease. The rough it up with sand paper. Protect any openings with painter’s tape. Prime with specialty metallic primer and spray with specialty metallic paint. Rust-Oleum runs about $4-$5 a can. If you are looking at oil-rubbed bronze finishes, Rust-Oleum has it for around $6-$7 a can.
  2. Brick fireplaces. Not to be taken lightly usually once you paint bricks they can’t be taken back to the original color. To begin, sand the surface lightly with 120-grit sandpaper. Clean away any left behind dirt and soot using a wire brush and cleanser. After drying, apply a stain blocking oil-based primer. Then paint with semi-gloss latex.
  3. Ceramic Tile. Yep, you read it right I said ceramic tile. Stay away from high traffic areas and places where moisture is high. Begin by repairing any broken tiles using grout or caulking. Sand lightly with 240-grit paper, then apply an epoxy or urethane bonding primer. Then you must sand after priming and between each layer of good latex paint you apply. Allow paint to dry completely, maybe several days, then apply up to three coats of water-based, clear polyurethane.
  4. Wooden floors. If your floors are beyond refinishing, try a bit of paint. You will still need to sand them lightly to rough up the surface. Then vacuum to remove debris. Use a primer tinted the same as your paint color. After the primer dries you will need to apply several light coats of paint allowing each to dry completely. It takes the floor about a month to cure, so refrain from putting heavy furniture back in the room for a while. Use throw rugs to protect high traffic areas or places where water often hits the floor like bathrooms.

These are just a few of the things you can paint. You can also paint carpets, vinyl floors and appliances. Make sure to research what you want to paint before diving in. Your local home improvement store should carry all the supplies you need.

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