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The Perfect Nap


Sometimes, we just have those days. You know what I’m talking about – you’re up half the night with your mind racing and just can’t sleep. Or, you get a great night sleep, but then have so many things to accomplish within the day that you just need to rest.

Here’s my few words of advice – don’t be ashamed to take a nap!

It’s true! Believe it or not, it’s actually a proven fact that naps are really good for each and every one of us. The trick is, don’t take too long of a nap.

There’s a cutthroat difference between a nap and actually sleeping. Yes, you read that right – there’s a huge difference between the two. A nap is only meant to be about 20-30 minutes long – and will just simply provide you with that perfect amount of energizing so you can go about your day. If you actually fall into that “deep sleep mode”, and really zonk out for a few hours, you’ll wake up groggy, probably a little irritable, because now your body needs to fully wake up once again.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with taking a 90 minute to 2 hour long nap, providing that you can actually sleep at night afterwards. That tends to be the issue that most of us adults have. Taking those long naps can really whack our sleep cycles out of control!

That 20-30 minute “power nap” will simply do what it’s meant to do – reenergize and repower. You’ll feel refreshed, much more alert, and have a ton more energy and stamina. Oh yeah, and your mood will be much better too – say goodbye to all those grumpy feelings you get each afternoon.

Of course, it isn’t always feasible to take a nap every single day, but if you are able to nap sometimes, you’re going to be amazed at how much better you feel.

Yawn! I think I’m going to sign off to go take my nap! Let me know if you try this theory!

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Real Estate News

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Local Greenville SC News

Fast facts:

📈 Home prices are going up, though at a slower pace than what we saw last year. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) predicts nationally the annual median price of a home will increase by 8% this year.

⤵️ Interest rates are staying low. Economists predict the average annual 30-year fixed mortgage rate will hover around 3.0% in 2021.

🏡 The demand for home-buying is staying high. It’s expected to be particularly strong this spring + summer, and to slow down in the colder months.

🏗️ As resale inventory remains slim, many buyers are looking toward new construction homes, a booming segment of Greenville’s real estate market that offers a wide range of price points, products + locations.

So, what does this mean for you? If you’re looking to buy a home this year, low mortgage rates will help balance out the rise in home prices. Those looking to sell their home in 2021 will want to keep an eye on the rising home prices, and take advantage of the spike in buyer demand.

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