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Tariffic Effects Around Greenville SC

tariffic effects around greenville sc

What do you do when America doesn’t produce the steel you need to run your business and make your product? You import it from Europe. However, President Trump imposed tariffs on imported steel among other imports. The family-owned business of KnifeSource in Fountain Inn has felt the squeeze. They have reduced their work force from 42 to 28 people. Paying the forced tariffs has had a huge impact on their income.

Using the legal system, KnifeSource has been spending money to get exemptions from the tariffs which have been granted but they are also hoping to get back the nearly $100,000 in already paid tariffs. Under current U.S. Commerce Department rules, KnifeSource has had to apply for 60 exemption requests where before it took only one. The company does support the President’s policies and speaks to the fact that steel manufacturing in America is not what it used to be. If you can help support this local company, please do.

On other tariff news, China is moving toward cutting its tariffs on imported U.S.-made cars. The proposal would reduce the tariff from 40 percent to 15 percent and bring the U.S. back in line with what other countries are paying. This would be good news for BMW. Their U.S. Spartanburg SC production plant exported more than 100,000 sport-utility vehicles to China in 2017. Out of the top 10 American-made cars, 4 were made at the BMW plant. Any reduction from China on tariffs will revert into a boon for U.S. automakers who export to China. Other than the BMW, Mercedes, Lincoln and Ford Explorer rank up there in exports to China.

Looks like Greenville county is back in court. An organized contingent of rural residents is working to block a 45-home subdivision called Howard Farms of Fairview Road. One of the major complaints is that developers are dropping in high-density subdivisions in rural areas. This “urban” sprawl is happening in both north and south Greenville county. A big opponent to Howard Farms is a local farmer who says people are polluting the ground and surface water and using her land as their own “green-space.” Her animals have been shot, stolen, mailed and killed by subdivision residents and their pets.

Greenville county has adopted new Land Development Regulations (LDR) and did reject one subdivision for density. In the case of Howard Farms, the developers use of roads pushed the county to approve. Either way a good neighborhood development should consider the surrounding land use and neighboring “feel.” Instead of high-density developments maybe a development of mini-farms or 1-2 acre lots would be more accepted and appropriate. Development, although needed, should make as little impact as possible on its neighbors.

To end on a light note, here are some ways to eat, drink and be merry at local bars and restaurants on Christmas Day. Here is the list.

  • Aloft WXYZ Bar 
  • Barley’s Taproom & Pizzeria 
  • City Tavern 
  • Chicora Alley 
  • Connolly’s Irish Pub 
  • Dave & Buster’s 
  • Handi 
  • Jack in the Box 
  • Local Due 
  • Mimi’s Steakhouse of Japan 
  • On the Roxx 
  • Roost 
  • Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse 
  • Saffron Fine Indian Cuisine 
  • Spare Time 
  • The Radio Room 
  • Up on the Roof 
  • Waffle House (do they ever close?) 

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