Victoria Cottle

Victoria Cottle

Sell Your Home Fast By Staging It

one question from my home sellers is “How can we get our home to sell fast?” My
belief is “Staging”.  What is staging you
ask, it is making your home the best showcase it can be.  Optimizing your space to show the potential
it holds for buyers viewing it.  By
staging your home, you are helping your buyer’s envision their belongings in
your home. I suggest that you ask yourself one thing when staging, “Would I see
this in a model home?” and go from there. Do this before your list.  Agents will take photos when you list your
home.  These will be used to market your
home and get buyers to schedule showings.


Curb Appeal

If you can’t get buyers at a glance of a photo, you can’t get them to make an
offer. Take the time to clean up the yard, get rid of the kid’s toys, trim the
shrubs, weed the flower beds, pick up leaves and park extra vehicles someplace
else until after the sale.


De-clutter – Remove all
the unnecessary items.  Minimizing the
décor creates space. Allowing your buyers to see their things in that space.
Remember that just packing these things up and putting them in the garage is
not helping maximize that space, so consider an off-site option. Remove mementos,
heirlooms and photos – anything that may make the buyers see you and not them
in the space. All counters and cabinets should be cleared off. Bathrooms –
should be organized and free of any personal hygiene products. Bedrooms –
should be as neat and impersonal as possible. Anything that can be removed
should be especially any garbage, throw blankets, pillows, shoes and coats. Pets
– always arrange for your pet to stay with offsite for showings.

     Clean – this goes
with removing things, of course you will have to vacuum, sweep or dust after
things are gone.  It may be easier to
hire a service to do this for you after you have de-cluttered.


repairs –

Do all those little things that you keep telling yourself you will get to. Fix
the leaky faucet, the nasty scratch in the hardwood floor, missing handles or
knobs on cabinets or replace light bulbs. 
First impressions are all you get with selling your home.


Painting – Fresh paint is
not always needed, but is sometimes just that little extra that makes the
difference. If you are not the painting type, hire a professional, it will be
well worth the expense in the end.

by Rodger


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