Victoria Cottle

Victoria Cottle

Organize Your Man Cave!

organize your man cave

A lot of us look at our garage as just a place to park the car. But some of us look at it as a Man Cave or as close to it as our Man can get it. But what if you or he had some organizational inspiration? Well here are some ideas for adding organization to the chaos and maybe using the garage for more than just a place to park the car.

  • How about a mudroom. Focus on the entry point to your house from the garage. Add a wire rack to drop off shoes and maybe a couple hanging racks on the wall for anything. Add a medium-sized trash can for dropping garbage before it goes into your home. How about a paper towel rack or a hand sanitizer?
  • Long handled tools. Take some left over plumbing PVC piping cut at an angle top and bottom. One piece for the top and one piece for the bottom. Screw them to your shed or garage wall and label with tool names.
  • Moveable tool cart. Get some inexpensive peg board and a metal A-frame with wheels. Affix the peg board to the frame and add your tools. Since tools are stored in a vertical position they are kept out of the way. With a mobile cart you can move it where you need it when you need it.
  • Cabinet redo. Remodeling your kitchen? Or just need some garage storage look no further than those cabinets you just pulled out. If needed just a bit of sanding, paint and a cheap laminate top can make great storage.
  • Wandering basketballs or soccer balls. No worries. Create a capture cage using bungee cords and a bit of wood frame. The cords are strong enough to hold the balls but flexible enough for easy access.
  •  Modular Devices. Need just a wall of shelves? You can buy DIY modular shelving units but they are a bit costly. Expect to pay about $250 for six 4×1 foot panels.
  • Hang it up. Got some unused ceiling space or nooks in your garage. Get stuff off the floor and into the overhead by creating a hanging storage nook. A bit of plywood fastened to some studs in the ceiling and wall and you got it. No legs needed.
  • Sell it! Of course if you have no space to work with you can always sell some stuff. Clear out that garage and start again. Use the money you make to buy supplies for all these great ideas! Or turn another room like a basement or family room into your Man cave. Men deserve a place to call theirs since most of the rest of the house belongs to the woman. Ha!

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