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If this is not proof that we have a strong and growing economy I am not sure what would be. InvestiNet, which is an accounts receivable firm, is going to invest $2.1 million and create 85 new jobs in downtown Greenville SC.

InvestiNet offers investigation and legal enforcement services that include risk mitigation asset investigation and performance management. They are excited to be able to expand in a place where they already have deep roots. Greenville is a great place to live, work and play. The new location will be located on Pinckney Street in downtown Greenville SC. has rated Greenville as the 10th best place in the U.S. to live. For the last six years, has been ranking the 100 Best Places to Live. This year, Greenville SC was one of the two Carolinas cities to make the top ten. Raleigh, NC was number two. ranked more than 1,000 cities where populations ranged between 20,000 and 1,000,000 and used 40 data points that measured economics, housing, amenities, demographics, infrastructure, social and civic capital and education and health care. The article says that “Greenville is having a moment” and continues to explain that Greenville has a variety of outdoor recreation options, special niche areas and is a “major foodie city.”

Trying to eat smarter? Need to avoid over processed foods? Well here is a list you might be interested in reading. Top five restaurants in Greenville for those of you trying to avoid Gluten.

  • Basil Thai. For gluten-sensitive noodles choices consider choosing Pad Thai or even Pad See Eu with rice noodles.
  • Happy + Hale. Most of their menu is gluten free.
  • Pomegranate on Main. Delicious Persian cuisine.
  • Sidewall Pizza Company. Has perfected gluten-free pizza and does it’s best to offer allergy -sensitive diners an option.
  • Southern Pressed Juicery. Organic, plant-based restaurant that does not use gluten, dairy or refined sugar.
daylight savings time

REMINDER: Daylight Savings Time will once again be upon us on Sunday, March 10th. Remember to set your clocks ahead. With this shift forward, we are plagued by side effects such as less sleep, lower productivity and driving while sleepy according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

So how can you help combat these systems and make your transition easier?

  • Get seven hours of sleep each night before and after the time change. If you didn’t know it, the average adult should be getting between 7-8 hours of sleep a night anyway. Younger children need at least eight hours.
  • Hit the bed 5 to 20 minutes earlier two or three nights before the change.
  • Adjust the timing on other activities such as eating. Eat earlier.
  • Then the morning of March 10th, hit the outdoors early am for some sunlight and get your internal clock reset. This internal clock regulates sleep and alertness.
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