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Make 2020 the Year you get Outside!

Make 2020 the Year you get Outside!

I truly think that making new years’ resolutions has become a thing of the past because nobody stuck with them once they were made! You talk a good game and say “yeah, I am going to go to the gym or eat better or not drink” but in the end what did you accomplish for the year?

So, this year instead of making resolutions, let’s make efforts instead. One effort that you should undertake is getting outdoors more. Now that could be one day a week, a month or every two months. But chances are you are already doing this so just add a day. Studies and life coaches will all say, “if you make one small change and stick with it for six months to a year, it becomes a habit.” So let’s make some new habits.

To facilitate your new habit, there will be more than six miles of trails for biking, hiking and birding added to Pickens County this spring with even more to open shortly after that.

This new trail system is in the forest next to Southern Wesleyan University’s Central SC campus. The Town of Central SC and the university have collaborated to create these trails. They will be free and open to the public.

Curt Kruz-Edsall got involved in the project in April 2019 and has been raising public and donated funds for the trails. They are all professionally constructed and will be able to accommodate hundreds of visitors. It will also be the first mountain biking route in Central SC. His hope is to encourage youth cycling programs and school teams.

Kruz-Edsall is also envisioning the outdoor area to be used as an event space in the hopes to attract cross-country and cycling races to mud or spartan runs. With larger races, you can bring people in from out of town and benefit the local economy.

But the biggest benefit will be giving the area another outdoor space where you can take a bike or a hike and just get out!

Now I might be a little remiss if I didn’t talk about the benefits you would gain from getting outdoors, so here goes.

  • Energy boost
  • Exercise is easier outdoors
  • It’s good for your vision
  • Natural sunlight helps mitigate pain
  • Boost to your immune system
  • Aromatherapy
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Helps relieve the seasonal affective disorder
  • A daily dose of vitamin D
  • Restores focus
  • Makes you a better person by relieving stress

Who wouldn’t like to benefit from some of that? So, schedule it on your calendar because we all know if it isn’t scheduled, it doesn’t get done and get out!

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