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Lighting up the Holidays!

lighting up the holidays
Always a big production
but the joy they bring are amazing! Talking about your annual light display on
your home. Here are some tips that the pros use when hanging lights, I wanted
to pass along to you.
Before you begin the hanging you need to do some safety
checks first. Plug your lights into GFCI outlets. These are designed to shut
down the electricity if something goes wrong. Test them to make sure they are
working. If you don’t have GFCI outlets outside, then you can get a mini
extension cord rated for outdoor use with an outdoor GFCI built into it. Your
local hardware store will carry one.
Then check any extension cords you are going to use for the
lights. Look for wear and tear especially cuts and frays. If any look unusually
worn buy a new one. Then you want to check your light strings for the same type
of wear and tear. Replace any that are damaged. Consider this an opportunity to
upgrade to new LED lights. Look for a local recycling facility in your area.
Give your indoor lights and outlets the same consideration
you do your outdoor options. Check those strings for wear and tear and replace
if necessary with newer LED options which will draw less current. Always look
for the UL certified tag on any light string.
The pros advise using a power strip for plugging in your
lights and not stringing them together one after the other. The first string
will have a much heavier load and could possible melt or catch fire because of
the load.
For hanging, don’t use any metal like staples and/or nails.
Metal can cut the wires and cause damage or malfunctioning lights. You don’t
need to spend time troubleshooting. Invest in some plastic clips for your
gutters or shingles or railings or clay tiles. There are even magnetic and
suction cup options for windows. You can also use zip ties to secure lights in
shrubs, on poles or on railings. Get a color that will match your wiring or
greenery, so they are seen as quickly.
The latest trends over the past few years has been towards
colored lights. Seems bright and white is not so desired anymore. Also, yard
decorations and figurines are gaining popularity. Some have gone as far as
coordinating their light displays to music.
Wreaths are a good way to add lights and greenery. Opt for
battery powered options that have built-in timers.  When lighting your trees, try for random
placement. Begin at the top and create a random pattern. Circular patterns are
distracting from your display. Use an extension cord that blends into your
landscape instead of godawful orange.
If all else fails, you can hire a pro to do the lighting for
you. Grab a cup of hot chocolate and let them hassle with placement and such.
The pros are there to make it look good so no need to worry about their
Happy Holidays!
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