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It’s Spring, Get Creative

its spring get creative

Warmer weather is here and it’s that time when families start planning their move. This time of the year is flooded with first-time buyers, relocation buyers and move-up buyers. With low inventory that means lots of competition, higher home prices and multiple bids on homes for sale.

If you have a home in good condition for sale, chances are it will receive multiple bids. Buyers will use many enticements like cash offers, paying over asking price, quick closings, no contingencies and so on. This year potential buyers are appealing to seller’s emotions. Below are some of this year’s home-buying trends that are winning in this tight market.

Letters of Love
A tradition that has given buyers a leg for several buying seasons is writing letters to the sellers to appeal to their emotions attached to the homes. Writing a letter to express your love of the home, any special design features and how you want to raise your children or retire in the home work. Take the time to find out a bit about the sellers so you can appeal to anything you have in common with them. Let your children hand-craft letters in crayon to express their feelings about the home. Tell the seller that you are serious about buying the home and why.

Video Buyer Testimonies
This option is a newer and updated way to present your “letter.” Be careful not to appear too cheesy. Sellers feel you are talking directly to them when you sit down and look directly into the camera. But you can also take this time to be a bit creative. Show off your singing or guitar playing abilities by creating a custom song or jingle. A story in REALTORÒ Magazine talked about how a couple won a bid by parodying the song “Our House” in a video not knowing that it was the song the sellers sang to each other after lighting their fireplace in their new home for the first time.

Endless Options
Options for appealing to seller’s emotions about their homes for sale are endless. You are only limited by your creativity. Use any advantage you can gain when bidding on your dream home because sometimes second best is not what you really wanted.

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