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Homeownership getting you down?

low maintenance fiber-cement siding

Fiber Cement Siding
James Hardie Siding

If you are a homeowner you know that you have to do routine maintenance to your home to keep it in good shape. But what if there was a way to cut down on some of it? If you are looking to update your home, here are some tips for upgrades that will help make maintaining your home a snap.

  • Fiber-Cement Siding. Get great curb appeal as well as 84.3% ROI by replacing your current wood or vinyl siding with fiber-cement. Warranties on this material range from 30 to 50 years. You can get it pre-painted and it will last around 15 years. It is fire-, rot- and insect-proof. Costs around $5 to $11 per square foot installed.
  • Metal Roofing. Low maintenance because it comes with a 40 to 50 year warranty. You will want a baked-on enamel finish with a rust-proof undercoating. It is very fire-resistant and stands up against wind better than asphalt shingles. Repaint it every 50 years. Costs around $3.50 to $11 a square foot.
  • Laminate Plank Flooring. With a life expectancy of about 25 plus years, this flooring option is very low maintenance. Just sweep or vacuum as needed. Laminates are easy to install which keeps your cost down. Also they have a protective wear layer that resists scratches, stains and moisture. You will never have to refinish it. Cost around $1 to $7 per square foot DIY or add $1 to $5 for professional installation.
  • Quartz Countertops. The countertops are becoming a popular upgrade. The quartz is not only tough and durable, but it is scratch-resistant and antimicrobial. Cleans up easily with mild soap and water and resists staining. Better yet, it doesn’t have to be sealed. Cost around $40 to $100 per square foot but lasts for 30+ years.
    low maintenance metal roofing

    Installing metal

While some of these upgrades might be higher on the cost side, think about what your ROI or Return on Investment would be if you needed to sell your home. Not only could you pump up the low maintenance aspect you would be using highly desired materials.

Want more info on Cost versus Value? Check out Remodeling magazine’s annual “Cost vs. Value Report.” They cover 36 popular remodeling projects and drill down into the costs, value to you as a homeowner and even data by region. They even compare current year trends to previous years to see what projects are more important and which ones you can put on the back burner.

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