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Economy Recovers, Local Business Expands

economy recovers, local business expands

One good benefit that has come from the last four years has been the recovery of the U.S. Economy. Also, the May jobless rate was down in 6 states and payroll jobs were up in 1 state.

Here in South Carolina as of May 2019 our unemployment rate was 3.5 percent. A slight uptick from April 2019 of 3.4. However, the unemployment rate in Greenville-Mauldin-Easley area was at 3.1 percent. Lower unemployment can only mean one thing. More people are working. That means more businesses are hiring.

One local business that has announced expansion is Brewery 85. With the brews becoming more popular in area restaurants, taprooms, and stores they are planning an expansion. Brewery 85 is just 5 years into its operation and now distributes to Columbia, Anderson, Spartanburg with eyes on Georgia and North Carolina.

Brewery 85 had been more focused on making its brews available in bars and restaurants. But with the ever-expanding Swamp Rabbit Trail system, the potential for bringing more bicycle and foot traffic to their location is increasing.

Brewery 85 is cleaning up and expanding their taproom, but their big-ticket expansion will be Orchard 85 which will be outfitted with an 8,000 square foot event space with a projection screen and Wi-Fi.

When space is not rented it will be used as overflow for taproom patrons, used for sport event viewing and other events. Another bonus is that when they put in their plan for the new space, they also included the planting of fruit-bearing trees and bushes to help the wildlife and possibly be used in future brews.

This expansion alone could bring on several new employees just to run the event space. If you add in catering and/or food that could add up to another couple employees. If every local business was to grow even just this bit, the Greenville SC economy would be booming and employing. The unemployment rate would drop and there would be more opportunities for homeowners.

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