Victoria Cottle

Victoria Cottle

Don’t get caught in the cold!

Don’t get caught in the cold!

As our homes age, so do our windows. They become noisy, they may start to rattle and then they may start hiking our energy bills because they aren’t doing their job anymore. Well here are some affordable and quick ways to address the annoyance now, and some thoughts for the future.

What causes the draft? Glazing putty on older windows can become brittle and fall out causing the glass to rattle. Double-hung wood windows can shrink and let in cold air. The gaskets or weather stripping on Vinyl and aluminum windows can wear out.

Five easy right now fixes you can do which are all under $8.

  1. V-seal weather stripping. This can be added to the sides of your sashes and it still allows windows to open and shut.
  2. Rope caulk is soft, sticky and pliable. You can mold it for your gap situation and then remove it after winter is done.
  3. Shrink film clear plastic sheeting shrinks drum tight after heating with a hair dryer and applying with double-sided tape. Creates an insulating buffer of air while sealing out drafts. Rubbing alcohol will help with removal in the spring by releasing the tape.
  4. Nail polish. A quick fix to fill cracks which is almost invisible. After it hardens, it will stabilize the glass until you can get some weather-seal tape on it.
  5. Draft snake. We’ve all seen them at Grandma’s house or at “As Seen on TV” stores but they work. Comes with a 36” foam tube which you can cut to the length you need with a washable cover. Place it in your window sill and close the window down on it to seal off the draft.

Three long term fixes which you may want to do during the summer or early fall when the weather’s still warm during the day.

  1. Replacing loose, broken or missing glazing. You can DIY this by searching out some videos to see how the pros do it or you can have a professional glazer do it for you. Either way it is a process that will take a bit of time, not hard just involved.
  2. Bring back the storm window. If you already have some of these sitting in your shed or garage, clean them up and reglaze them if necessary then put them up. They insulate and cut out drafts. Only cost to you is time.
  3. Replace the window. When the quick or long-term fixes no longer work, it is just time to replace the whole window. Then think upgrade! But get a few estimates and hire the job out. DIY window replacement is a major job and the pros can do it quicker and faster than you can.

Hope that helps you out. Now is the time to hit the home improvement store for the caulk or weather stripping so you can be the rush. Keep the cold weather outside this year!

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