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Debunking Myths from the Internet

debunking myths from the internet

Ok, so we have all been hit with a gluttony of pins on Pinterest or mass attacked with a multitude of Instagrams regarding tips and tricks for your home. Well I did some researched and found 8 myths that you just shouldn’t do because they will cost you a bunch of money in the long run.

  1. Myth: clean your garbage disposal with lemons. This little myth can cost you a visit from the plumber and a new disposal unit. Although citric acid is a natural deodorizer t will corrode the metal parts in your disposal. The peel can also damage the grinding components and then clog up your pipes with debris. Instead drop some ice cubes into the disposal and turn it on. The crunching ice will dislodge buildup on the walls and impellers safely. Then follow up with vinegar to deodorize.
  2. Myth: duct tape can seal your ductwork. The U.S. Dept of Energy did a study that showed duct tape will deteriorate after just a few years due to the hot air from your HVAC system degrading the glue. A better way to seal is to use duct mastic. It is a soft substance that resembles caulking and it is messy. If you have a larger gap, use some fiberglass mesh to patch.
  3. Myth: bleach banishes mold. Believe it or not, bleach only kills mold on non-porous surfaces. It is not effective on any absorbent or porous materials where mold really loves to grow. In places like grout, caulking, insulation, drywall and carpeting. Your alternative is to use a commercial anti-fungal product to kill it when it takes root. Tackle projects that are small yourself, anything large you will need to contact a remediation specialist.
  4. Myth: change the HVAC filter each month. This was introduced more as a rule of thumb because people would remember it but really only change the filter every 2 or 3 months. Instead check it on the 1st of every month and only replace if it is really dirty. The Dept of Energy recommends replacing once every three months.
  5. Myth: you need a rinse aid for your dishes. Manufacturers build dishwashers with a rinse aid holder then they get you hooked on it so your spending $4 for a small 8 oz bottle. However, if you have soft water you don’t really need a rinse aid. But if you do see spots fill the dispenser with plain white vinegar which is really cheap. Then once the dishwasher is done unload the bottom first to prevent the top rack from dripping on it.
  6. Myth: improvements to your home are always a good investment. If you have the budget and making home comfortable is important to you, by all means make your family comfortable. But if resale value is your goal, then know that all improvements don’t net you the full cost of the improvement. For instance, a new bath gets you about 52% return on its cost. For help, contact me to see what people are looking for in homes in your area. The National Association of RealtorsⓇ prepares a Remodeling Impact Report that is a good resource to get a gauge on what projects will boost your value.
  7. Myth: stuff dryer sheets in your air vents for a good smell. DON’T PUT ANYTHING IN YOUR VENTS. The will only succeed in blocking air flow and costing you more money by making your HVAC system work harder. Blockages can even post fire risk. A better solution is to use items such as scented candles, plugins, static air fresheners or wax melt pots such as Scentsy. If you have an offensive odor you need to mask, first hunt down the odor to find the cause then determine what needs to be done about it.
  8. Myth: always by the product warranty to save money on repairs. When buying big ticket items were are usually offered a warranty. But…purchasing the warranty might cost you more than just buying a new item depending on the item. So instead put the money for the warranty aside in a repair fund. Then make sure you get the most of your item by following standard maintenance guidelines and doing routine maintenance. Check with your credit card company to see if they might extend you a year warranty for free if you purchase the item using their card.

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