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Coronavirus: latest news

coronavirus: latest news
Coronavirus: worse than the flu?

The world is in a small panic over the
fears of the coronavirus becoming a huge epidemic and possibly wiping out much
of the world’s population. Or are some people thinking about the movie World
War Z or the TV series The Walking Dead? All in all, we get hit with a new flu
strain every year which usually comes out of one of the third-world countries
where people are living in the same houses as their animals and sharing feces,
water, etc. Although they have been doing this for centuries, it seems that
every year there is one strain that mutates and crosses over to humans and goes
on a rampage.

Latest headline from USA
Today, No reusable cups: Starbucks will temporarily pause the use of personal
cups over coronavirus fears. In an open letter on its website, Starbucks has
taken a series of precautionary steps in response to this emerging public
health impact.
The CDC is telling people to
wash their hands. Videos are appearing on news websites with instructions on
how to wash your hands. If this wasn’t ingrained in your head as a child, blame
your parents. I saw another headline where the McDonald’s touch screen order
kiosks in England are all testing positive for fecal matter. And not just a
small amount either.
Airlines are now waiving
cancellation fees for travelers due to the coronavirus outbreak. More companies
are allowing their employees to work from home if they have an applicable job.
Employees of public transportation are spending their days wiping down areas
where people touch on a daily basis. I even saw a picture of the Queen of
England wearing gloves when shaking hands this past weekend.
Clemson University officials
are looking at how they can continue to educate their student body online in
the event of a campus-wide coronavirus outbreak.
The City of Greenville has
purchased hundreds of protective masks and gowns for their first responders.
They have been quoted as saying, “It is vital to keep employees who respond to
emergencies healthy so they can continue to help citizens. The city is also in
contact with a few of the major event holders in the area coming up with
contingency plans.
The Greenville County School
district is about to send home 80,000 informational fliers with their students
about the coronavirus. They have also posted information on their website. The
fliers will be double-sided with one side English and the other Spanish. The
schools are also expanding their “environmental cleaning” practices where they
clean and wipe down the hard surfaces in schools and buildings. Staff is
reminding students to wash their hands and all soap has been replaced with
antibacterial soap. Field trips are also being screened to make sure students
are not traveling through cities where the CDC has determined there to be an
I have to wonder why some of
this hasn’t already been the norm. For years, there has been a rising contagion
during flu season where more and more people are getting sick and dying. Could
it be that we have forgotten how to clean? With the advent of antibacterial
everything, can we be killing off some of the natural bacteria that keep us
healthy and safe from common ailments? Have we given too many antibiotics to
our kids? And what about all the chemicals we use in our homes? Have we set ourselves
up to be sick? To live in a chemically sick atmosphere?
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